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    Can't figure out Collections

    An artist has drawn and uploaded a picture of my character. I want to add it to my collection. How do I go about doing that? The collections help page was not, in fact, helpful to me. It described how an artist can offer collection invites to the user(s) the art was made for upon uploading. There was nothing explaining how the commissioner can add the piece to their own collection after the fact.


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    I did read that post before hand. Maybe I'm just not getting it, but I am still unable to figure out how to do what I need.

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    Currently in order to collect a submission, the artist must first upload it to their gallery and then offer it to you as a collection. If this is not practical for some reason, you are free to upload the artwork to your regular gallery citing the artist in the description.

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    Sorry for digging out an almost-dead topic here, but I got another related question:
    Say, I would like to have all the picture that I've received as giftart or commissions. Some of their respective artists are present on Weasyl, and therefore I can add some of the relevant pictures to my Colllection. But for the rest of my commissioned art, I'd still have to upload them myself.
    Now, that would totally rip my commissions apart. Some of them being in my Collections, some of them uploaded by myself in a respective folder. Is there a feature planned like "Let people add their own submissions into their collections"?

    Also, a little comment about the whole purpose of Collections: As the FAQ said, this feature mainly exists to avoid duplicate submissions and save server space. You may know DropBox, that cloud space service. Every time a user uploads a file there, the server immediately checks if this exact file already exists on the server, even if it belongs to another user and is named differently. If so, the freshly uploaded file is being discarded and instead, the file on the server is now marked as being in use by several users.
    I realize what hellish programming it takes to accomplish that, though. Consider it a future suggestions.

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    A thought on collections, what about separating the image from the description and comments? Something akin to an alias in a Mac where you get the same icon with an arrow on it and the ability to rename it. In this case, the process would work like normal, except that the user would be able to describe and tag it in their gallery independent of the original artist, while clicking on the image would take you to the original artist's gallery. This way as the commissioner i can explain what the pic is about, what it means to me, and why i commissioned it, along with allowing my followers to comment on it.

    Basically this would be the best of both worlds, the elimination of duplicate files while allowing the commissioner to display the piece in the manner they like.
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