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    Looking for art buddies!

    Hihi! I'm relatively new to the site and forum, and I was wondering if there's anyone out there who'd be willing to add me to their watchlist and offer constructive comments and criticism on my art, and I will do the same for you? :3 It's so hard to get real feedback sometimes, and it'd be great to find a few like-minded people, particularly those who enjoy the same sort of art!

    Just a warning, I don't care for or comment on porn. No offense... it's just not my thing!

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    Send me a link to the page and I'd be happy to offer critique (when I can)

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    I didn't even think to post the link, since you can click off my "Weasyl ID" thing on my portrait. ^^ I should've though. Thanks for being willing! Constructive feedback is the best thing for an artist, I think!

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    Followed and added a comment on something I liked! Wouldn't mind looking for more art buddies too, I'm a bit of a lonesome traveller as art sites go at times. Not sure if my work is a bit bland or I just don't output enough stuff ^_^;;

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    I added ya back and dropped a comment! Thank you kindly. :3 I love the interaction with people on these sites most of all.

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    I would love to help out, but unfortunately I'm too much of a on-and-off commenter. I do hope you find the feedback you're looking for. C:

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    Oh, I know people won't comment on every picture, but like, say, if someone favs something, I'd sure like to know what it is they like about it, and what can be improved. ^^

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    I'd like more comments and attention too. I have a few SFW entries at least. Although I figured if it wasn't happening, it's because this site is relatively new and still in beta. I don't mind offering constructive criticism, if I know people are looking for it, though I'm not sure how much advice I can offer for furry-related work, at least as far as anatomy goes. Everything else is probably okay though.

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    Thank you guys for all the warm feedback! It's good to know there's other artists out there who feel the same way.



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