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    Submission Vanished after logout

    So I created a new submission, filled out all the information and all that jazz... then submitted it.
    Then I wanted to see if I could see it logged out, so I logged myself out.. and it said I couldn't. So I logged back in and... it was gone, no reference to it in my uploads, and I had erased my back history by going back before uploading it, then going to a new page. However just once in my history I was able to find it (showing the page just after you upload an image) but then it was gone after that.

    Not entirely sure what the rhyme or reason is here, but may be something to check out.

    -edit- Figured out what had happened.. I had logged out while it was asking me to choose a thumbnail.
    Probably should put a message somewhere linking back to un-finished submissions if you somehow browse away. Else it might be caught in limbo forever. Found the correct 'thumbnail select' page in my history and corrected it.
    Last edited by nesetalis; 02-19-2013 at 05:53 AM. Reason: found partial solution.



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