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    [SUGGESTION] - Disabling Friend Requests

    Initially, I wasn't really bothered by it, but now that Weasyl has gone open beta, I've been getting a MAJOR flood of friend requests from other folks that are registering onto the website. Mayhaps a way to disable this feature so it doesn't become much of a nuisanse whilst one is trying to clean out their messages?
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    Im sure the flood will stop. I would just deny the requests.

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    I'm going to agree with Kayla on this one. The "friend" concept is confusing to a lot of people online. Many websites only give you the option to "friend" users you would like to watch or talk to. To promote a feeling of closeness and camaraderie, websites default to the friend label as an attempt at social engineering and on-site promotion. And a lot of folk would use the friend button anyway, because they "really like" the artist they are watching, or want some other user to like them. The social etiquette here on the internet is pretty vague.

    Additionally, many users may not have a need for such classifications. If I don't create folders for artwork only my friends can see, or I simply want my privacy regarding who I'm connected with and who I am not, this is just an added button and notification spam I don't want/need. And if I'm really popular, that could be enough to drive me mad.

    On a side note, is there a list of differences between friends and watches? It implies certain benefits, But I can't find any place where the differences are actually explained.

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