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    I hate to confirm the stereotype (how do you know an Arch Linux user?) but what the hell, it exists for a reason.

    I run Arch Linux on my laptop and work computers, with DWM as my window manager. I love getting the newest software without delay, I enjoyed building my system from the ground up; it has really been the first time that I felt like I designed a system to suit my needs, rather than adapted a prepackaged solution to approximate them. The fit is truly much more comfortable for me.

    Also as a programmer, you really have to love Linux. I couldn't imagine using anything else.

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    The findings by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech saw Android claim a 36.9% share of the mobile phone OS market, beating Apple's iOS into second place which accounted for 28.5%. RIM took third with an 18.1% share followed by Nokia's Symbian in fourth.



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