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    Need clarification/help about the "Flooding" rule

    Just looking for a clarification, or a bit of help.

    The Flooding rule states :

    Flooding: Sets of Similar Submissions: Flooding the site with incredibly similar submissions, such as a series with little difference between images or a set of photographs or screencaptures simply showing something at different angles, is prohibited. Any such series composed of more than 3 images must be made into a collage or used in a slideshow or animation so as to not unnecessarily flood the front page.

    I was hoping to migrate all the various character art I have from other galleries here. All mainly one character, different styles and views by several different artists. Is there a way I can upload more than 3 images per day, without breaking the Flooding rule? I'm not looking to dominate the front page, but I don't want to want to compress the pictures into collages and lose detail. I also don't want to take 2-3 months to get all the images uploaded into my gallery.
    If this would break the flooding rule is there a way to upload images directly to my account, without it posting to the front page?

    Thanks much,


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    The Flood Rule is geared towards submissions that look almost identical, not necessarily the subject matter. If you have a wide variety of images of your character, like different sketches, different poses, perhaps artwork from other artists and such is fine. The problem would be if the images were nearly the same. For example, let's say you made a birthday cake and you took a picture of it (a good quality one!) and wanted to submit the image. That's fine! But if you took 6 pictures of the cake, just with a slightly different angles and uploaded all six at one time, that's the kind of thing this rule pertains to. In that case a collage would be in order.

    If your images are of a wide variety, that's fine, even if they are the same character. If the images of your character are all very very similar, then that's when you should do a collage. What you're describing sounds fine.

    As far as the option to submit without it appearing on the front page, it has briefly been suggested but I don't know how far the suggestion got. Try posting it in this thread so the staff will more likely see it sooner rather than later.

    And as far as the amount of images that could be on the front page, I really don't know. I personally get a bit bothered when people have over 8 images on the front page at one time, and they continue to rapidly upload for 5 or so, maybe more, minutes straight. In my opinion, it's fine to upload several, like 2 or 3 pics at a time, throughout the day, like every two hours or whatnot. It gives other artists some time on the front page, but you could still upload more images than 3. BUT that's my opinion, it's not an actual thing.

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    Tiger pretty much hit the nail on the head Basically, look at it from another persons perspective;

    If they see loads of virtually identical pictures, they'll go "ugh... spam". Use your own judgement on the pictures, if they're very similar then perhaps you're better picking your favorites and uploading them. If they're all different then feel free to upload a few. Common sense and judgement go a long way

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    Thanks for the input and clarification.
    Just wanted to be sure I had things right.



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