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    I don't have one; my persona's human. 'Least, as far as we're all aware. He's of indeterminate age but has to be at least fifty, lives in the hills of North Carolina, in a trailer in the middle a' the woods. His partner, Auntie Red, showed up in the trailer across from him a while back and while he normally hates havin' neighbors, she grew on him pretty fast. And even so he's a weird, dirty old man who steals her shoes and scares off her church friends, somehow she come to love him, too. He likes kids and secrets, which most folks find a little unsavory when you combine the two, but in truth he don't mean no harm. Like me, he bakes and decorates cakes/cupcakes. He's also a strange combination of quiet introvert and silly chatterbox. Just depends on what mood you catch him in and how much he likes ya. Few people bother to get close to him, but those who do got a friend for life. ...Now that I write this, Dis is a lot more like me than I initially thought. But I guess that's what personas are supposed to do.

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    dont even test me i swear to god im going to eat everything in this fucking state

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    My fursona is a robot! It's a South China tiger in appearance, a discontinued model built by the brand SimuLife. It's meant to be a personal companion (read: SEX DOLL), but its owners have given it updated personality software that allow it to think and behave like a full person. It's 4' tall, chubby, has a very long fluffy tail, a neotenic face, and has four chassis: transgender, masculine agender, male, and herm. None of the forms have nipples (because i don't want any). It's a bit banged-up, heavily used, but still in good working condition. It looks organic from the outside, but has removable panels that can reveal the robotics beneath. i think that about covers it! Check my Weasyl page for the character/s 'Farore' to see it :3
    "The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure." -Dale Carnegie

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    "Because seeking the truth and blowing shit up go hand in hand" - Mythbusters

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    I have a few.

    Name: Salem Felix Blaskowitz

    Species: Dragon (blue)

    Sex: Male

    Orientation: Bisexual

    Age: 19

    Height: 6'5

    Weight: 174lbs (lean build)

    He is essentially a composite me down to the age, height, and weight so well just skip the hell out of his bio.

    Name: Juniper Argo Locke

    Sex: Female

    Orientation: Straight (but like a scientist she will experiment if her intrest is piqued)

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'6

    Weight: 130lbs

    Species: Silver Fox/traces of other species

    Bio: Juniper was born to a Scottish Highland Gypsy father and a Comanche Indian mother. She is the first of her dad's side to actually live most of her life in one area. Her dad decided after her mother left to settle in a town reminiscent of Bright Falls from Alan Wake. Since then she became more of an introvert blaming herself for her mom leaving due to her unique heritage. She had a boyfriend for awhile, but left him after they first had sex and he blabbed to everyone. Since then sshe refuses to let anyone in unless they can prove their genuinely concerned for her.
    She likes rainy nights, but loves the calm right after a heavy storm. Her dad runs a bar near the bay for sailors and pilots so between that and her work he doesn't see her much which is cause for regret betwween both of them. She doesn't have a whole lot going for her, so her life is kinda stuck in low gear, but she has the potential.

    (Juniper is my favorite of the 3 and the one I actually feel closest to and my favorite)

    Finally a newer one I ended up thinking of the other day.

    Name: "Reggie" Navarro

    Sex: Male

    Age: 22

    Orientation: Whatevs

    Height: 6'0/ 6'7 including antlers

    Weight: 155lbs

    Species: Deer

    Bio: Born in a Sao Paulo slum little is known about him til he turned 16. He left Brazil by hiding in the landing gear of an American Airlines 747 after his brother was killed over a drug deal with corrupt police. The moment the plane landed and stopped he jumped from the landing gear and darted for the terminal. After breaking into a locker and getting a disguise he found out he landed in North Carolina from a pot dealer at a nearby store. In a twist of irony the only job he could find was selling pot to tourists until he learned enough english and made enough money to seem like a normal guy.
    His name comes from the first english word he learned, Reggie, from the dealer he met. To most he lives a no frills life in a trailer along the Outer Banks, but to him its a life of luxury. While he does regret leaving he knows that staying in Sao Paulo would have been a death sentence. Living in the US has given him a new outlook though, one of living it to the fullest since he knows it may be his last day.
    He suprisingly isn't a huge soccer fan, not to say he doesn't play it, he just became facinated by car racing after seeing a 1969 Charger suped up for the local dirt track and got to sit behind the wheel, since that day he swore his goal was to buy a 1969 Dodge Charger just to cruise in.

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    Lots of great characters in this thread, I'm really impressed with some of the designs! I can't honestly say I have a fursona of my very own, but it's not for want of trying. I just don't like drawing myself, and certainly not as an animal. I do have a lot of characters, though, some used for roleplay, some for personal stories I write in my spare time, and so on. I like to commission art of one of those characters particularly, so I think she counts as my faux fursona. Fauxsona. Ooh, looks kinda like fawksona. Maybe I should be a fox.

    ...ANYWAY here's that character I was just babbling on about before visions of foxy me started rolling around.

    Name: Twilight Aria
    Species: Unicorn pony
    Sex: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Pale blue coat nearly to the point of being white, very dark blue from the knees down. Mane and tail are a light, sky blue color at the roots, darkening to dark blue at the ends. She has a light gray spot around her left eye, as well as just behind her right shoulder. Her eyes are blue.
    Cutie Mark: A needle and thread; the thread forms the shape of a music note situated behind the needle, which is most prominent.
    Backstory: Both parents, two older sisters, and one younger sister all have music-related cutie marks and enjoy singing, playing instruments, rapping, writing lyrics, and composing music, respectively. Twilight Aria enjoys quilting. She didn't get her cutie mark until she was a bit old for such things, being constantly focused on a career in music she didn't really want and all. On top of that, all of her family members are pegasus ponies, with a smattering of Earth pony cousins. The only unicorn pony anybody can remember in the family was a great-great-great-great grandfather who was rumored to have never received his cutie mark. In the end, TA found making blankets, tapestries, cross-stitching, carpets, and so on, were what she was meant to do; too, she came to the conclusion she loved her family most of all (and was much relieved to find she wasn't adopted), accounting for the music symbol in her cutie mark.

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    Call Me Trish

    My fursona is basically just what I dream I was like. Instead of being a stupid male human. But her personality is mostly based off of mine.

    Name: Trisha
    Species: Pterylycus
    Age: 17
    Birthdate: January 11
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 154 lbs

    Likes being around her friends, or just walking around alone in the woods.
    Shy at first, very talkative once she gets to know you.
    Usually walks on two legs, but runs on all fours when in a rush.
    Lives in a cave with obsidian walls, has a bird-like nest in the back that she sleeps in.
    Nice to everyone. (unless they hurt her friends)
    Has light purple fur and wings.
    Long-ish blonde hair that reaches a little past her shoulders when she stands on two legs.
    Flat-chested. (Does it really even matter?!)
    Very fast, an excellent hunter.
    Prefers to eat rabbit or berries over anything else.
    Will take care of anyone in need.
    Does not like holidays.
    Likes to cuddle, hug, or kiss.
    Allergic to sunlight.
    Best friend is a Barn Owl she grew up with.
    Almost always wears a black zipper hoodie she found as a pup, but can't zip it up.

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    Name: Rowan Chanterelle Oakley
    Age: 33
    Species: Red squirrel/human
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: Not sure because I've never really focussed on lbs. Reasonably slender?

    She doesn't have her own history, really. She's just a representation of me. I'm told I come across as cute and funny in person, and to me, squirrels are cute and funny so it seemed to fit. That and my other half likes squirrels, so again - a squirrel seemed natural.

    I went for a red squirrel in particular because I have auburn hair. Give me about twenty years and I might change her to a grey squirrel

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    Yeah? well, y'know...that's just like, your opinion, man.

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