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    Looking for Icons

    Looking for a new set of icons (couples icons) - static or animated....I'm looking for good quality art..and/or something unique. Characters are a fox and dragon.

    If you know someone and/or are selling them yourself please give me the details.

    Thanks ^^

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    i can do icons easily for you. pm all the details about what is needed and and the size of them as well as what format you need them in.

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    This is my pricing list!

    here are some icons I've done before! For the pair I'll do it for 20$ (and 1.50 for paypal fees) If you're interested feel free to message me on Weasyl, FA, or email me at

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    Hi there!
    I may be new to the forums, but I'm not new to making icons. c:

    I can make you two animated pixel-icons like this or this for $10 a piece.
    I'm afraid I must currently link off-site as there seems to be a bug on Weasyl when it comes to uploading gifs.

    I can be contacted here, on Furaffinity or deviantART. Alternatively, I can also be reached via e-mail:
    Kind regards!

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    I do icons for $5 each, or 2 for $7. I only do static icons. I also have lots of experience in drawing foxes!

    Here are two examples of my icons :3

    Please contact me on Weasyl or FA if you are interested! :3



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