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    Question about Collaborations and 2nd account

    A friend and I--we both have Weasyl accounts--are doing a collab comic together and we have reference sheets done that I would like to post on Weasyl. She did the original sketches and I colored them. So my question is, do these submissions go into Collections?

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    Since we can have more than one account, is it alright to have a regular account and then a comic account if we wish to keep such things separated? Or is that what Forum Groups are for? I know in the FAQ it says "as long as it's not for the purpose of separating between art mediums or level of completeness", but would regular art compared to comic art be considered an art medium difference? I would just really like to keep the comic as its own separate account. If I can't do that because of the FAQ answer, then never mind, but I wanted to ask just in case I could
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    Considering multiple users are putting their own work and original content into the submissions, it is okay to have it uploaded by each user. If you wish to use the Collections feature instead, that is fine as well.

    As for the Comics question, it would probably be best if you used the folders feature to make a folder for your comic on your account. However, a side account for comics fine.

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    Awesome, thank you. Just the answers I needed :D



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