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    Photoshop File Quality Issues

    Alright, so when I uploaded my avatar here, I noticed that it did not look the same as it did in Photoshop. In photoshop, it was much smoother and not so dark - a lot of details have been lost because of that. I checked the png itself, so it's not the forum. I'm guessing it's the way I saved it.

    Does anyone have an idea of what I did wrong, and if there's a way to save the image in its original quality?

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    Sooo let's see. Saving a .psd file to be a .png should not result in any loss of quality. (this list could help with understanding file formats).

    What version of Photoshop do you have? And are you familiar with layer adjustments such as levels and curves? I prefer to use the Levels adjustments but curves works nicely, too.

    I'm temporarily using your image as an avatar to test the quality. I did some fiddling around with layer adjustments and this avatar is the result I got. I'm not sure if it matches up to your original (my adjustment isn't perfect) but it's one potential way to help solve the quality issue.

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    I'm using Photoshop CS5, and I mess around with the adjustment layers quite a bit, mostly Hue/Saturation & Curves.

    I'm gonna try and take a screenshot of what it looks like in Photoshop.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Alright, so the screenshots came out dark, too, but I was able to use a screen layer to make it appear closer to what it does look like.
    ^ Original Screenshot
    ^ Screenshot with screen layer

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    Could you attempt to save it using the Save for Web feature (select PNG-24)? Make sure any sort of 'embed color profile' option is checked

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    Mrm, no luck with that either. D: It seems I'll have to resort to screen layers.

    Still, thanks, guys!

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    So if you save it as a PNG and then load that new PNG into Photoshop, it looks different than the original?

    Make sure 'Proof Colors' is not checked under 'View'. Also go to 'Color Settings' under 'Edit' and select the defaults, something like "North America General Purpose."

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    If the image looks the same when you open it in other programs on your computer, then the first question I have is are you letting the forum software resize your image to the correct size for you?

    I've noticed that most of the time when a website resizes my images, the colored get knocked out of whack a bit. If you're uploading the image at a larger size than avatars are displayed, try resizing the image firs tin photoshop, and then upload.



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