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    Furry Fantasy

    I'm not entirely sure if this counts as a roleplay or a game, as it contains elements of both, so if this is in the wrong section, I apologize and ask a mod to move it. Thanks.

    Alright, first this is a battle simulation game where user get to role-play the results. These results are randomly generated through a dice roll, which I will post how to do later in the rules section. Two characters battle it out until one is defeated. The winner gains xp and gold to level up and equip their character, the loser loses a small amount of XP. If the interest become great enough, we might even have tournaments. Now, lets get to the meat of this.

    1. The game is dice based, using this generator: DICE ROLLER It produces a link that the person rolling will copy and paste for verification.
    2. Any attempt to make a battle action during the opponent's turn, making an action inconsistent with the roll, lying about a dice roll or not posting the supporting link, or using a different roller than the one posted above constitutes cheating. Getting caught causes instant loss of the battle. First two times are warnings. Third time causes a permanent ban for all characters of that player.
    3. Users are allowed to have multiple characters. However, characters owned by the same user battle in the "real world". They can battle in a "practice world" however.
    4. Characters may challenge any other character in the game, despite level. However, only characters within the rank of the challenger are required to accept the challenge.
    5. Characters can also perform quests to increase level, gain gold, and win rare items.
    5. Characters may battle more than one person at a time, but each is considered distinct from the other, unless stated.
    6. As game admin, my word is final. I will let you argue your case, if you think I'm wrong, but don't press your luck.
    7. I reserve the right to edit these rules as needed. I will try to post any time they are, but I'm not perfect. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

    Players may add rules to individual battles, so long as both parties agree upon them. However, all rules posted here are still in effect no matter what.


    All characters must use the template provided, explanations for the parts come below:

    HP: 50

    Classes are the style of fighter your character takes. You may make a custom class, but it must be based around the three basic classes: Warrior, Ranger, and Mage. Attack, Defense, Stamina, and Mana are dependent on class and a dice roll.

    Warrior: A close combat style, uses strong attacks to overwhelm an opponent. They have low stamina though, using a strong defense to compensate.
    Ranger: Usually fights from a distance with bows, though they can fight in close combat using a high stamina to avoid hits.
    Mage: Uses magic attacks to defeat an opponent from afar with limited close combat abilities. They augment their abilities to be able to survive battle.

    HP is the amount of damage a character can take before "dying" and losing the battle. HP starts at 50 for all characters.

    If anything less than what is stated as the min is rolled, the character automatically has the minimum in that stat.

    Attack is the amount of basic damage a character can do on a scale of 1 to the attack level.

    Warriors determine attack by rolling 1d12, but cannot have less than 8 attack.

    Rangers determine attack by rolling 1d10, but cannot have less than 5 attack.

    Mages determine attack by rolling 1d8, but cannot have an attack less than 5.

    Defense is the amount of damage a character can shed before taking a hit to their HP, based upon a scale of 1 to their defense level.

    Warriors determine defense by rolling 1d15, but cannot have a defense less than 4.

    Rangers determine defense by rolling 1d6, but cannot have a defense less than 3.

    Mages determine defense by rolling 1d5, but cannot have a defense less than 3.

    Stamina is the ability of a character to dodge an income attack. A character must roll a value greater that 70% of their stamina to dodge (ex. a stamina of 10 will need a 1d10 roll of 7 or greater to dodge). Stamina is odd in the fact that it goes down as the character levels, instead of up. Any attack dodged is considered a hit, regardless of whether or not it causes damage.

    Warriors determine stamina by rolling 1d100, but cannot have a stamina less than 80.

    Rangers determine stamina by rolling 1d60, but cannot have a stamina less than 40.

    Mages determine stamina by rolling 1d80, but cannot have a stamina less than 60.

    Mana is the amount of magic a character is able to perform. All magic costs some amount of mana, with more powerful spells costing more mana.

    Warriors determine mana by rolling 1d20. There is no minimum.

    Rangers determine mana by rolling 1d25. There is no minimum.

    Mages determine mana by rolling 1d75, but cannot have a mana less than 40.

    All characters start with 100g (or gp), the currency of this world. They can use this to buy equipment from the shop to power up, aid them, or harm an enemy. Equipment and gold can be traded between characters. Characters start with no equipment, other than common clothes, which have an armor value of +0 and a coin value of 3gp.

    This is the list of items that can be bought an sold. It will change in time, adding and removing items from it. If you have an item that you bought from the shop, or was given in a quest, that is not listed, the shopkeeper (myself) can quote a price to sell it for, but it might not be available for resale at a later date. B is what you can sell it for, S is what you can buy the item for.

    It should be noted that the class categories are only stating what class that item goes best with. Characters not within that class can buy and equip the items, but they aren't as effective in using them, hence the lower stat boosts and more severe stat damages.


    Dagger: (B: 3g S: 10g) A short blade, usually around 12" in length. Commonly equipped as a reserve arm, though poorer warriors and soldiers can use it as a main weapon. Warriors gain +3 attack when wielding this. Other classes get +1 attack.

    Short Sword: (B: 12g S:20g) A blade a bit longer than a dagger, usually between 15" and 18" in length. It gives greater reach and damage than the dagger and is commonly used as a side arm amongst soldiers. Warriors gain +5 attack when wielding this weapon. All other classes gain +3 attack.

    Short Bow: (B: 4gp S:10gp) A short bow made of oak wood. Quick to draw and fire, it has a decent attack damage. Rangers gain +3 attack when wielding this weapon. All other classes gain +1 attack.

    Long bow: (B: 14g S:25g) Made of oak or yew, it's quite a ways longer than the short bow, providing it greater range and damage than it's smaller counterpart. It does, however, sacrifice speed. Rangers gain +8 attack when wielding this. All other classes gain +4 attack.

    Oak Wand: (B:1g S:8g) A simple oaken stick, enchanted to focus the power of a spell caster. Mages gain +4 attack when wielding this AND casting a spell. Spells also gain +1 potency when wielding this, regardless of class. All other classes gain +1 attack.

    Oak Staff: (B:3 S:20) A staff made of oak, beautifully carved and expertly enchanted. Unlike the wand, it also doubles as a melee weapon when an enemy gets too close. Mages gain +6 attack when wielding this AND casting a spell, elsewise they gain +3 attack for melee combat. Spells also gain +3 potency when wielding this, regardless of class. All other class gain +3 attack when casting a spell or +2 attack when not.


    Chain Mail: (B: 15gp S: 30gp) A simple suit of metal rings, chained together to protect the wearer. Most effective against slashing attacks, but coupled with a padded undercoat, it provides moderate protection from crushing weapons. Warriors gain +5 defense when equipped. All other classes gain +2 defense. All classes lose -10 mana when wearing this.

    Scale Mail: (B: 20g S: 50g) A suit made of metal scales that overlap. They provide the best compromise between the mobility and light weight of chain mail to the protection of plate mail. Warriors gain +10 defense when equipped. All other classes gain +5 defense. All classes lose -15 mana when wearing this, and non-warriors lose -5 stamina when equipped.

    Plate Mail: (B: 35g S: 80g) A suit tailor made for the warrior wearing it. It consists of large metal plates fitted to the wearer's body, covering a suit of chain mail. It offers the best protection against melee attack known, but it's heavy, and even a well train warrior can quickly lose stamina. Warriors gain +20 defense when equipped. All other classes gain +10 defense. All classes lose -20 mana when wearing this. Warriors lose -5 stamina when equipped, and non-warriors lose -15 stamina when equipped.

    Leather Armor: (B: 5g S:10 G) A simple set of boiled leather armor. Provides moderate protection against an enemy weapon, and it's light and cheap. Rangers gain +5 defense when wearing this. All other classes gain +2 defense.

    Ringed Leather: (B: 10g S: 30g) A set of boiled leather armor, with metal rings sewn into it for added protection. Light weight, it aids in stealth attacks. Rangers gain +10 defense when equipped. All other classes gain +3 defense. All classes lose -5 mana when equipped.

    Plate Leather: (B: 25g S: 50g) A set of boiled leather armor armor, with metal plates attached to it for significant protection. The leather aspect of it allows for great mobility, though it sacrifices some protection. Rangers gain +15 defense when equipped. All other classes gain +8 defense. All classes lose -10 mana when equipped.

    Simple Robes: (B: 5gp S:12g) A simple cloth robe, with hood included. It has a basic spell of protection upon it, to ward of the damage of an enemy attack. Magic users are able to supplement the spell to a greater effect. Mages gain +5 defense when equipped. All other classes gain +1 defense.

    Enchanted Robes: (B: 12g S:32g) A simple cloth robe, with hood included. It has the same spell of protection upon it, but done by a more expert enchanter, making it more potent. Mages gain +10 defense when equipped. All other classes gain +3 defense.

    Nemean Robes: An extravagant robe, purported to be made from the skin of a nemean lion. However it gets its protection, it the strongest armor a mage could hope for. Mages gain +15 defense when equipped. All other classes gain +5 defense

    Offered as scrolls, anyone with the proper amount of mana can purchase them to use. Mages automatically receive three scrolls from this selection, only one can be from tier two though, and the other two must be tier one. Scrolls are unable to be sold at this time.

    Tier 1 spells cost 10gp to purchase.
    Tier 2 spells cost 15gp to purchase.
    Tier 3 spells cost 30gp to purchase.
    Tier 4 spells cost 50gp to purchase.


    Tier 1: Weak spells that do no more damage than the attack level of the caster. Cheap to buy and cheap to use.
    Acidic Rain: Sends a shower of acidic rain to melt your opponents into goop. Cost 2 mana to cast
    Fire Ball: Sends a small ball of flame hurling towards your opponent as you cackle with glee. Costs 2 mana to use.
    Water Blast: Hits your opponent with a damaging blast of water. Great for making pools on a hot day. Costs 3 mana to cast.
    Void Attack: Sends a ball of void energy at your opponent, sucking part of their soul out of the world. Costs 3 mana to cast.

    Tier 2: Moderately strong spells, they have additional effects that could help harm an opponent.
    Acid Blast: Sends a stream of acid towards your opponent. You wouldn't want to swim in a pool of this. Costs 5 mana to cast. Causes 2 damage to HP when it makes contact, regardless of defense roll.
    Fire bolt: Smites your opponent with a large ball of fire, causing serious burns. Costs 5 mana to use. Causes 3 damage to HP for three turns if it makes contact.
    Water Dagger: Sends a blade of water strait for your opponent, hoping to run them through. Costs 5 mana to use. Adds +3 damage to the attack roll.
    Soul Snatch: Summons a daemon from the infernal planes to steal a piece of your opponent's soul. [/i]Costs 10 mana to use. Adds +5 to your opponents stamina, if successful.[/i]

    Tier 3: (Coming Soon!)

    Tier 4: (Coming Soon!)


    Tier 1:
    Shield: Adds a magical shield to help protect the caster. Costs 5 mana. Adss +3 defense for the caster, for the remainder of the fight. Cannot be cast more than twice.

    Tier 2:
    Greater Shield: Adds a stronger magical shield to protect the caster. Costs 10 mana. Adds +7 defense for the caster for the remainder of the fight. Cannot be cast more than once.

    Other Spells: (Coming Soon!)

    Potions: Can heal or cause temporary effects to the user. Can be tossed on another player to effect them. Once use, they are gone and cannot be brought into another battle.

    Health Potion: (B: 3gp S: 10gp) A simple health brew. Will heal up to 10hp to a damaged player. It cannot heal a player past their top HP level though.

    Supplement Potion: (B:10gp S:25gp) Heals the player completely. If the player is already at full health, it adds 10hp to their max heath for the duration of the battle. A player can only hold 2 of these at a given time.

    Mana Potion: (B: 3gp S: 10gp) A simple Mana brew. Will add up to 20 mana to a player, but it cannot restore mana beyond the player's max mana level though.

    Bottle o' Acid: (B: 5gp S:15gp) A bottle of acid. Drink it up if you're stupid, else chuck it at your opponent to cause some 5 extra damage.

    Character List:
    A list of characters that are playing in the game, based on level in tier. Any character challenged by another in their tier is obligated to accept.

    Tier 1 (Levels 1-10):

    Tier 2 (Levels 11-20):

    Tier 3 (Levels 21-30):

    Leveling System

    A core component of this game is the leveling system. When a player wins a battle, the gain XP, which, in turn, progresses them towards their next level. When a player gains enough XP, they level up and gain points to increase stats. XP gained is based upon the level of the fighters, the higher abouve the loser the victor was, the less XP the player gets. G stands for XP needed to get, X is the XP won from defeating, UL is the level of the victor. So, for example, if a level 3 player beats a level 1, they will earn (5-3)=XP with XP being 2. XP doesn't reset every level, but continues to accumulate.

    Tier 1: Leveling up gains +2 Stat points
    Level 1: G: 0 X: (6-UL)
    Level 2: G: 20XP X: (12-UL)
    Level 3: G: 40XP X: (18-UL)
    Level 4: G: 80XP X: (24-UL)
    Level 5: G: 160XP X: (30-UL)
    Level 6: G: 240XP X: (36-UL)
    Level 7: G: 320XP X: (42-UL)
    Level 8: G: 400XP X: (48-UL)
    Level 9: G: 500XP X: (54-UL)
    Level 10: G: 600XP X: (60-UL)

    Tier 2: Leveling up gains +3 Stat points
    (Coming soon)

    Tier 3: Leving up gains +4 Stat points
    (Coming Soon)

    Stat Points:
    When leveling, stat points can be used to increase the stats of your character, those being Health, Attack, Defense, Stamina, and Mana. You can only use one Stat point per stat per level, and once use, a stat point cannot be reclaimed.

    Health gains +5HP for every stat point used.

    Attack: Warriors gain +3 Attack per stat point. Other classes gain +1 attack.

    Defense: All classes gain +2 Defense per stat point.

    Stamina: Rangers lose -3 Stamina per stat point. All other classes lose -1 Stamina.

    Mana: Mages gain +3 Mana per stat point. All other classes gain +1 mana.

    Battle Sequence Example

    Alright, now here's what everyone's been waiting for, how to actually battle. I've randomly generated two characters to use: Igsmith the Ignorant, and Marik the Strong. The battle starts by posting the character's profiles, including equipment, stat bonuses, and level, as shown below:

    Name: Igsmith the Ignorant
    Age: 34
    Class: Warrior
    Level: 1
    HP: 50
    Attack: 10
    Defense: 6 (+10)
    Stamina: 80
    Mana: 0 (-15)
    Equipment: Scale Mail (+10 Defense, -15 Mana), Short Sword (+5 attack), 3 Health Potions, 1 Supplement Potion

    Name: Marik the Strong
    Age: 25
    Class: Mage
    Level: 1
    HP: 50
    Attack: 7 (+3, +6 magic)
    Defense: 5 (+15)
    Stamina: 63
    Mana: 60
    Spells: Acid Rain, Fire Bolt, Void Attack
    Equipment: Nemean Lion Robes (+15 defense), Oak Staff (+6 magic attack, +3 attack, +3 potentcy), 2 Mana Potions

    Now the battle can be fought. Marik will lead.

    Marik casts fire bolt, sending a hissing ball of liquid flame towards his enemy. It could do 6 damage!(Mana: 55)

    Igsmith rolls a 61! He tumbles to the side as the the ball of flame fly harmlessly past. He swings his sword at Marik's neck with lethal intent. He could do up to 9 damage!

    Marik rolls a 5! He tries to angle his armor between him and the blade, rolling a 3! He manages to block three points of damage and takes 6 points of damage! He returns fire, using Acid Rain, and could do 6 damage. (HP: 44 Mana: 50)

    So the battle would go, until one side is a winner. I would like to note that using an item, unless splashing an opponent with a potion, does not stop the character from making an attack as well. This means you could heal, then attack. However, attacking will always be your last action of the turn.


    This is where I'll periodically make anouncements for the game. Check here daily to see if it has been updated.

    The game is formally open for play!

    Comments and critique are accepted.
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