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    which type of clothes you like?

    what type of clothes you like?
    normal causal fancy.

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    Haha, usually anything that's comfortable; t-shirts, sweatpants or shorts for the house, jeans for outside, you know the usual.
    The most I'll dress up is wearing a blouse, but that's about it, the only time I really REALLY dressed up was for my prom and graduation. THOUGH, I would like to wear my kimono somewhere, maybe to the DC Cherry Blossom Festival. x)

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    I like being covered, so I love hoodies that are a bit too big for me and the sleeves go past my wrists. So comfy and perfect! I like ones with a front pocket, too. And a -lot- of what I wear is tiger stuff. Kind of a mix between white tigers and orange tigers. I like my clothes a little baggy but not way baggy.

    And I LOVE jewelry. It's ridiculous how much I have. But it's all silver, I dunno why I don't like other kinds of metals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger View Post
    And I LOVE jewelry. It's ridiculous how much I have. But it's all silver, I dunno why I don't like other kinds of metals.
    How could I forget about that?! I have a borderline addiction to jewelry.
    The thing is that it can't be any old 200 karat diamond ring, oh no... I only like either really rugged looking wire wrapped gemstones, or maybe some tumbled stuff, but its never diamonds or "precious stones", usually it goes up to semi-precious if that, so its stuff that can easily be bought under $10. xD

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    Jogging pants or trousers, never jeans as I don't like them.
    A casual shirt and maybe a red poloneck if it's cold.
    Jumper/Deniem jacket/fleece depending on weather.

    Keeping it simple

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    I can dress to fit whatever situation I'm in. I have a great business suit for fancy scenarios. I tend to favor slacks and polos on a daily basis because I look good and classy in them. But I also have plenty of jeans and graphic/band t-shirts in case I wind up at a party or concert. But, preferably, I just like when someone pulls my clothes off while sinking to his kneesNever mind! ^.=.^;

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    Comfort > all. It feels good to look nice, but that's outweighed by sheer comfort and easiness factor for me. Simple jeans/khakis and t-shirt all the way

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    I'm really casual when it comes to clothes that I wear, I'm planning on stepping it up sooner or later though. But I usually just wear a pair of jeans, with a t-shirt and a jacket if need be. I'm trying to avoid graphic tees now, I have enough of those.

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    Jeans and t-shirt, though occasionally I like wearing fancier clothes to feel pretty and to impress the boyfriend. Well, my relatives appreciate it too.

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    I like anything that's comfortable, usually prefer cloths that are a bit baggy which is more comfortable. ^_^

    I hate wearing clothes that are too tight because it just feels uncomfortable and feels as if it restricts my movements. :s



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