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    which animals you like?

    I being looking at allot of arts for there fursona i keep seeing cats dogs wolf dingo fox rabbit squirls dragons and kangaroos lizards hyena ducks sheeps doe zebras coyote.

    not sure which one are the biggest favorites type of animals or fursona but i keep seeing allot people like allot more dragons sharks.

    so are dragons big hit?

    so which type of animal will get more people want to see watch or find more off him?

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    It's not so much the animal as it is the personality behind the character. The fandom is saturated with just about every species you can think of so the most common ones like foxes, wolves, bears, and even mythical ones like dragons will abound. But if you want to have your fursona stand out they have to have a pesonality to go with them.

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    Exactly :3 Just being yourself, and likable, will make you stand out. I mean I can go into my Lucario fursona and still be known because of Lucario and my Wolf fursona :3

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    You see lots of canines and felines because these are the animals that we in modern society interact with the most. But as for fursonas, you do see other species. I've seen dragons, horses and deer on occasion. And people from time to time will pick more uncommon species.

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    Yeah, I mean there's quite a few lions that I used to know that I can easily recognize in a picture, just because of the hairstyle and the subject matter of the picture, and think about how many lions there are in the fandom in a whole. If you're gonna make a character stand out, you got to WORK IT, make it your own. Just think how many cats are in the popular media, but how you can tell that only one of them are Garfeild or one is Sylvester. xP

    But for me, I like to see art of cheetahs, jackals, and sometimes wolves, but if its good art it doesn't matter what species is involved, I'll really like it. x)



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