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    Different Subject Matter

    Do you make it a point to depict subject matter you don't normally draw from time to time? This can come from anything you don't normally draw: species, genre, etc. As a furry artist, usually a random species will come in my head that I haven't drawn yet and I'll feel compelled to give that creature (or a similar species) a try. Sometimes I'll make it a point to draw an image that I think will go over well with viewers. And other times I'll think, "I never see x- aspect of life depicted in furry art, let me see what I can do with that idea." Or scenes that I just think are funny.

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    I really try to, but its hard, especially with my style being in transition like mine is; I'm going from an completely anime style to a semi-realistic/realistic style, and sometimes it'll mix and match.

    Certain parts of the character I'll be able to draw in an anime style, but then others I feel that I need to draw in a realistic style, and so on. Its like learning a new language, you'll feel like using bits and pieces from your native one, you know its not right, but you still do. That really slows me down when I'm trying out new subject material, so I have to actually force myself to do it, so my progress on that front is slow...

    Another problem I have is even coming up with new material to draw, I get stuck in a rut of drawing the same thing over and over, And I don't really have much motivation to actually look for new things to draw. Does that ever happen to you guys? How do you get over that?

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    I think it's important, as an artist, to get practice at different subject matter. Same with authors and musicians practicing in different genres and styles. If nothing else, it helps you expand your repertoire and help hone your style. For me, my main genre of music is progressive metal. But I listen to other styles of music too, which I incorporate into my progressive metal base, if that makes sense.



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