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    any good artist around?

    what happen to the good artist who makes art color sketch for good price of 5 dollars i keep only finding 15 or more?

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    The marked probably hit ^^
    just saying 5dollars could barely get me a coffee where a live, and even if it's just a sketch it takes an artist a lot of time that they could have used for other things. The are still a lot of people who do them for 5usd, I do them for 5usd but I'm not good xD Though, my sketches usually take 30min to make, then due to my style, I have to send another 30min-1h just cleaning them up a bit so others can actually see what it was supposed to be

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    It's a little misleading, too; Usually, sketches aren't colored. So you're looking for someone to do a picture with flats, like so?

    Or are you just looking for a simple sketch like this one, with a little color thrown on?

    Either way, my sketches run a little more than that, so I guess I can't help you; I do them for 5-7$ depending on subject matter, and color is a few dollars more.

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    Um, shouldn't this have been posted in Marketplace?

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    Any artist selling a coloured sketch (unless it's overly simplified/done in about 20 mins) for $5 is gravely underselling themselves. You have to realize that for someone who put a lot of time into their craft to become a "good artist" needs to be treated as any other job (especially if they went through art school which is expensive as hell). You wouldn't accept $5 an hour of work so why should artists? I know sometimes people only do it for fun/price based on what they believe their quality is worth, but expecting this to be the norm is NOT okay.

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