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    Need a bit of help

    Hello, my boyfriend and I are looking into selling a tank (non-fish) and a few other reptile based supplies, we're considering a pawn shop but I'd like to see if there would be anyone who'd like to buy via ebay. I'm fairly new with ebay only buying one thing from there and never selling anything so I don't know if I'd be looked at as a scam or not, there's also this bearded dragon forum that have people who buy and sell recused, bred, or adult bearded dragons though I'm not sure on whether or not they allow selling supplies and small starter kits.

    Supplies Include:
    30GAL Glass Tank w/Screen Top
    Cricket/Feeder Enclosure w/Tubes
    Sand/Bedding Scooper
    Desk Lamp Clamp Fixture w/Wire Encasement
    2x - Compact Bulb Lightening Fixtures

    Would anyone be interested? Does anyone have any advice on what we should do?

    EDIT: They do allow selling of supplies, but require a $5 donation/fee in order to post on the For Sale forum, so I'll wait on that until we have little to no other options.
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    I don't know much about ebay, but try to tag it with everything possible and have it ending at a peak time (eg mid evening at weekend)

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    Would you have any other suggestions as to where I should try and sell these items? Ebay/Forum Sale are kinda last resort, hopefully this week we can take the items up to a local Pawn Shop(s) and see the worth to them.

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    There's always Craigslist, or maybe Amazon. And don't forget ads in newspapers, which people still occasionally read (although it may not be worthwhile since you have to pay for the ad space). If you do try eBay, try putting it on for a low price to begin with. It's counter-intuitive, but usually if you start something really cheap, it'll generate a bidding war and you'll end up getting more for it than if you start it off at a more reasonable price. Auction mentality and all that.
    And for pawn shops, do be aware that they have to resell it at a profit, so you won't make as much money as you would if you sell it to someone who will actually use it. But if you have to ship it somewhere, that will also reduce your profit, so... I don't know. Shop around, I guess.

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    xD I'm a bit wary of Craigslist but it's always an option! As well as Amazon, I've always figured it for books and stuff mostly so I hadn't thought about it when creating my original post. I also understand the PawnShop needing to resell it, we're just trying to get rid of it while making a profit as we're going to be moving soon and we seriously don't need it taking up more space as our pets have all the space they need right now.



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