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    I mostly listen to Gothic Rock and Deathrock, but I have quite a bit of Dark Cabaret, Celtic Punk, and Classical tastes as well.

    I'm not so much on the Metal or the Industrial, but there are rare exceptions. I listen to music from a lot of my favorite video games as well.

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    Most of my musical interests are based in the '80s. Most of the exceptions are game soundtracks.

    Here's one that I've been addicted to, lately. XDD

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    I've literally fallen asleep to Skrillex

    But that aside, I'm pretty big on alternative rock (this is a stupendously wide range so I'll narrow it down and single out funk rock, early RHCP is some of the best ever) and thrash metal (e.g. Anthrax, for example).

    Like many others, there's plenty of other things I really like (progressive rock (going to single out Rush here too), 1980s-1990s hip-hop, a good chiptune/module is always going to put me in a good mood) too, but if I were to try to list absolutely everything I liked I worry that I'd make a very long post and still miss a couple things

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    Personally, I consider this Prodigy song breakbeat and not Drum 'n Bass simply because the tempo is not in excess of 150 bpm, or even 135 bpm. Such fast tempos are kind of off-putting for me; they're so fast that I can't keep up with the intensity.

    People might recognize this from the first Matrix movie.

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    I listen to pretty much anything genre-wise. Though for the sake of the discussion, I've been on a big classical/orchestra & twee kick lately, along with the works of early electronic musician Wendy Carlos.

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    I thoroughly enjoy Eurobeat. IE stuff like this. I am well aware the lyrics are in Japanese and that I may as well be a massive faggot weeaboo. I can dodge lynch mobs all day.
    Meanwhile, in #CoE...

    [20:12:26] <+Dark> "He's dead, Jim."
    [20:14:11] <Nate|phone> My name's not Jim
    [20:14:20] <Nate|phone> And Starr's not a guy
    [20:15:18] <Nate|phone> ...
    [20:17:20] <+Cerberus> And Shadow's not a callgirl.
    [20:17:52] <+Dark> LOL

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    I primarily like instrumental music, and maybe a few exceptions for other music with lyrics. But I'm picky about them because there are too many cliched songs with lyrics about love, heartbreak or sex (seriously people, there's more to life you can sing about besides those three things!). I'm also picky about those songs because I'm picky about the way people's voices sound when they are sung. So I don't mind ambient or opera type voices because they sound generic enough that I won't find their voices or timbre annoying.
    So I mainly like classic, soundtrack or symphonic metal. I especially love piano music. I like music that's complex and sophisticated; simple catchy beats don't do it for me.



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