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    Tetris Friends

    So whos been around the website tetris friends?

    being a tetris head myself. I frequent the website often. Personally curious to who else here is a tetris lunatic. Tetris in all shapes and forms always manages to be that one game. That one game that drives you insane as it gets faster and faster. but the more you play it the more you love it. I remember playing tetris in the arcades. Wasted like 5$ on a old tetris arcade machine from the 80s. however it wasn't because i kept losing. No its because i just couldn't stop playing. Anyone else ever had that experience? regardless go check out that website. It actually gives you multiplayer tetris.

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    Thanks for sharing, Tetris was one of my favorites when I got my very first Gameboy.
    Frustratingly fun, with a great sound track...

    I'm still waiting on the invention of some kind of Audiosurf-Tetris.

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    I'm a huge fan of tetris, but I have a lingering feeling of discontent with this site. That isn't to say it's not good; I used to play there all the time, but that became the problem. This was before they introduced the Tetris 1989 mode, so I slowly got used to being able to hold pieces and rotate fallen tetrominos for a few seconds before they set. Remedial mode lulled me into a false contentment and made it so that when I got onto a real tetris cabinet, I was ill-prepared and played like fetid ass.

    It was a massive let down for me. I still haven't fully recovered. I doubt I ever will. There's a ┴ shaped hole in my soul.

    Incidentally, I'd like contend it's impossible to be too dramatic when it comes to Russian puzzle games from the early-to-mid 80s.
    Look at all the fun we're having.



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