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    Mostly, I listen to classic rock, (the local rock and roll station is epic). I also really love swing jazz and other early forms of jazz. Mad love for Cab Calloway here, along with pretty much anything dance-able. I do listen to neo-swing on occasion, though it's really on a song-by-song basis rather than my having any fav artists.

    My other big genres are bluegrass and delta blues. I love-love-love the band Old Crow Medicine Show. They're probably my favorite current band (aka, band that still puts out new material)

    Other fav bands/singers include Supertramp, Meatloaf, Johnny Cash, Foreigner, Led Zepplin, Steppenwolf, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and Louie Armstrong.

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    i enjoy a whole wide range of genres.. except rap/hip-hop but there are a few exceptions =u=

    my absolute fav genres are indie, classic rock, alternative... also mash ups. lots and lots of mash ups. and really, well done/put together dubstep! also, obviously, vocaloid hurrrrrrrrrrr

    my fav bands/musicians have always been fleetwood mac, melissa etheridge, paula cole, coldplay, the who, the xx, matchbox 20, mother mother, family force 5, deco*27, hollywood undead, capsule, perfume, yelle.. i could go on forever about my favorites!

    my new found loves from this past year or so are the cab, kate nash, lights, mystery skulls, splashdown, purity ring, ladytron and discovery! among others but i'd just go on rambling

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    Heavy Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal. All about them. I like classical, instrumental, orchestra, opera as much, and fun of many OST's. Specially Games OST, they are amazing.
    The other genres so-so, but some good songs are there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX-149Dragonite View Post
    Right now?

    8 bit Gundam music
    8 bit music + 08th MS Team theme = HOLYSHITBBQAWESOMENESS

    Anyhow, I'm into multiple stuff. It usually depends on my mood or if I want to calm down. Some genres include OSTs (e.g. Video games, shows, movies, etc), power metal, techno (the actual genre, not the umbrella term), house, drum and bass, trance (Especially Goa, psy, and acid), Italo disco, classical, etc.

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    I'm an electronic fan, myself. I don't particular spend all day listening to it, but it's my primary source of music. Artists like "The Chemical Brothers", "Infected Mushroom", and "Autechre" are some my favorites as of late.

    Of course, a nice round of new age or heavy metal is always welcome. :}

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    Industrial, EBM, Hardstyle, and DnB
    Like this:

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    I like music from most genres except rap, hip hop etc.

    But the main genres I listen to are Power Metal, Martial Industrial, Neofolk and New Wave.

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    I LOVE electronic music. Trance, House, Dubstep (real dubstep, not Skrillex >.>) To be honest I'll listen to most kinds of music, but electronic is my favorite. Rock is probably my second favorite.

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    Folk. Almost any incarnation of it, so insert umpteen prefixes and suffixes.

    And a little bit of everything else.
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