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    New Years Resolutions

    It's 2013, a year of possible bad luck if you believe in the whole '13 is a bad number' thing. So far the world hasn't exploded, nor have we faced the rapture, and I'm sure in the coming year we'll have plenty more apocalypse theories to gawk and giggle at.

    So assuming we're stuck here on this earth, in this physical plane of existence, let's have some resolutions for the new year! List one, list many, or read this thread and don't post at all; it's your choice! I can't force you to do anything. Just make sure you don't list things you don't actually plan to follow through with, or I'll whop ya. :v

    I haven't really thought of mine, but I do have a some so far:

    1) Gain weight: 15~20 pounds. Muscle preferable, but any will do.
    2) Actually figure out how to be romantic and not an emotionless slate.
    3) Take more photos.
    4) Get nothing less than a B in all classes this year.
    5) Rekindle social efforts with old acquaintances.
    6) Take a vacation
    7) Have at least $2.5k saved at the end of the year (STOP SPENDING :v).
    8) Start, and fill in, a recipe book.

    All of which seem simple enough, but TIME WILL TELL, AND MAKES FOOLS OF US ALL.

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    Lemme see...
    1] Release an album of some sorts
    2] Make some nice graphics for a bandcamp page and put music up on there
    3] Draw much more regularly
    4] Make frieeeeeeeendddddsss

    That's all I got at the moment, I might add more later

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    I find that making lists of what I want to do to improve is too much pressure. I do have goals that I'm steadily reaching, but I prefer to just take life one day at a time, as much as is possible.

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    1. Get on a regular PT schedule...and actually stick to it!
    2. Spend more time writing, even if it's just journaling
    3. Polish off the rest of my watch and equipment quals
    4. Learn some of the engineering side of the rate so I won't be pigeonholed into sound-powered forever

    Feh. Mainly career-related, but all very important.

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    1. ART MORE, for real

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    1) Same as Aden--really need to art more.
    2) Actually spend time on art and improve rather than lose interest halfway and submit stuff I'm only semi-proud of (like some damn art ADD)
    3) Animate something and brush dust off CS5 Flash
    4) Land a part-time job that hopefully won't interfere with grades.
    5) Visit North Korea

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    I don't really have a new years resolution. I never make them. But I'd like to learn how to read music and play my piano more, along with drawing at least one picture once a week. Nothing too complex.
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    wish for the release
    wish for falling through the air
    to give me some relief

    because falling's not the problem;
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