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    Sketch a Day Challenge

    I usually promote this exclusively on FA but I would like to give the fine people at Weasyl a chance to participate as well.

    What is Sketch-a-Day?
    This is a challenge where I choose a month and create a color sketch commission for everyday of that month.

    How do I buy a sketch?
    It's simple. Pick an open date below to reserve when your sketch will be done for you and leave a message here showing your interest. If it is still open I will put your name down and message you for more info.

    How much does it cost? Each sketch costs 16 USD per character.

    What will you receive?
    You will receive a high resolution colored sketch. Here are a few examples.

    1. Due to the nature of the event you must pay upfront to reserve your spot.
    2. No trademarked characters. (i.e. Pokemon, Digimon, Micky Mouse, and so on. Unless parody or significantly altered. Ask me if you are unsure.)
    3. Only up to 2 slots per person. Up to 3 characters per image.
    4. Wait until your reserved day arrives. You will either receive it by that night or the following morning.
    5. ENJOY!


    1st MaskedJackal* DONE
    2nd Koyote* DONE
    3rd Raymond* DONE
    4th Dragonator* DONE
    5th n/a
    6th zontan* DONE -editing-
    7th Finrod * DONE
    8th Electra * DONE
    9th Electra * DONE
    10th crestcorp * DONE
    11th crestcorp * DONE
    12th Belize* DONE
    13th jarmenj * DONE
    14th PhantomFullForce * DONE
    15th Jinxy_Falina * DONE
    16th Ryan * DONE
    17th Arroyo * DONE
    18th Jinxy_Falina * DONE
    19th FrancisWyvern * DONE
    20th Arkanian* DONE
    21st idejtauren * DONE
    22nd bear-paws* DONE
    23rd Gaelan* DONE
    24th DrXeno* DONE
    25th Koyote* DONE
    26th Belize* DONE
    27th DrXeno* DONE
    28th Cypher* DONE
    29th kuisbright DONE
    30th ryan
    31st n/a
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