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    Quote Originally Posted by Clover-chan View Post
    @Demu: I haven't! But I'll download a rom now! Thank you!
    I highly suggest Robopon 2 over the first. It's much better. c:

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    @Tiger: Rocko was my childhood and I still love it. Thank you!

    @Shane: That would be wonderful! I'm kind of a hoarder with my media so I have tons of stuff on my computer. uwu I just like having things I like at my disposal. It's such a problem sometimes though.

    @Lee: I HATE IT IT'S TAKEN OVER MY LIFE. I spent about 4 hours yesterday trying to find my house because it has a bunch of great stuff.... It was awful.

    @Demu: Okay! Thanks for the suggestion ; w;

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    i'm scared to download things now... i tried to download a naruto movie once several years ago and ended up getting a nasty virus that completely obliterated my hard drive. my dad was furious. xD i never downloaded any cartoon or anime again.

    I'll PM you the link to avoid offending anyone. :V
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    sometimes I wish for falling
    wish for the release
    wish for falling through the air
    to give me some relief

    because falling's not the problem;
    when i'm falling, i'm in peace.
    it's only when i hit the ground
    it causes all the grief



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