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    Studying, Tutoring, and Resources Thread

    Hello all!

    I have come to realize that many artistic communities online, and particularly the furry fandom, is filled with students. Not just people who go to high school or college either, but even just people with an enthusiasm for learning new information!

    So I believe it is in our best interest here on Weasyl to have a megathread for all the help in any subject you could ever want.

    Finals are ending soon, but many of us will inevitably find ourselves back in school sooner than we think or need to study over winter break. I sure know I do, since I will be in my second semester of Anatomy and Physiology.

    Let us get started.

    I am going to start this thread off with a resource I have come to know and love over the years and has been the shining light for me in passing math. Feel free to use this thread to post any other resources for any subject that may be useful.

    It is a website called Khan Academy

    The founder Salman Khan, whom quit his job at a hedge fund for this project, is an incredibly charitable man with a truly noble mission: To provide sensible education accessible to anyone at any level free of charge. That's right! You don't have to pay to watch these videos, do problems, or be a part of their community.

    There are many interesting videos that are just really cool to watch and learn new things as well, videos that explain civic government issues like the Fiscal Cliff, videos that explore Cosmology and Astronomy and the scale of the universe, even resources for an Anatomy and Physiology student like myself. Feel free to share any of the videos that pique your interest in this thread!

    I will also be starting a list of people willing to volunteer some of their time to tutoring and questions, should anyone require it. Please post your name, preferred subjects to tutor with, and how to contact you as well as when you are likely to be available.

    Conversely, there will also be a list in this thread of people who NEED HELP, if you require tutoring you may also post your name, subject you are struggling in, and how to contact you with times you are likely to be available for the help you need.

    List of Tutors:
    Neuron - Can assist with biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Jazz History, English is a strong subject and I can help with papers, and math upto college algebra although it is not my strongest subject - Contact by: Skype is preferred, any IM will work - Availability: Over winter break, I am here most days. After January 22nd, I may only be available on the weekends.

    List of Students:

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    Missed the list of students...

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    Ohhhh! This sounds neat!

    I have a certification in Microsoft Excel. If anyone needs help learning how to use or create standard business formulas or anything about how to format and do neat things with Excel spreadsheets I will gladly share my experience on the subject.



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