This is a journal re-post, but here is the summary up front.

Tags need to eventually have multiple definitions and cross-reference with synonyms and related terms. The problem is that I'm not sure if a definition list to make that system happen can be made automatically or not, and how intensive that will become on the network Weasyl runs on.


I can already feel myself getting lazy with my tagging to the point that I feel there needs to be some way to accept tag suggestions for each submission with the ability to ban or rate-up or rate-down those user-tag suggestions.

and meta-tagging to possibly occur to describe the gallery or folders themselves..

Like.. A folder could contain a list of tags, so that every submission put into it would be auto-tagged. I, at first, wanted to set aside a set of tags that I could Ctrl+P into the tag listing, but I didn't do that, finding it hard to make a singular set of descriptors work.

Also, I don't know how intelligent the tagging system is at this time... So, as much as I dislike a website like e621, you have to admire the amount of work they put into defining their system. Tags have relationships, definitions, and will generate associations from the level of detail put into making words, for the most part, associate with eachother.

For example, if I put in the word "CRIMSON", does the search engine or tagging engine know to look for anything "RED".
That's a silly example, so let's use a slightly more realistic one...

If I put the word "HYPERTROPHIC" or "HYPERTROPHY" into the search engine, does the engine also seek the word "HYPER" out?

Further down the line, will the community decide to take the word hyper and generalize it? I've been using it to describe a fetish so far...
Without a doubt, making the tagging system work as intended seems like a titanic endeavor and I'd like to see it work properly... but relying on individuals to individually tag everything seems a bit much.. So, by creating cross-referencing tags, that would cut down on the amount of repetition necessary to ensure accurate search results.

So in the long run, using a word like 'mecha' would also spit out search results for 'robot', 'robotics', 'machine', 'machines', 'roboto', 'mr.roboto', 'android', 'gynoid', 'droid'... so on...

edit: The system, eventually, could give lists of suggested tags as well as you are entering yours.