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    READ FIRST: REQUIREMENTS for useful support threads

    Before you even start, you should search this forum to see if someone else has already reported the issue you're having. Ideally, we're already aware of it, or better yet, we've already solved it!

    The "Search Forum" dropdown (in the same place as the "Search Thread" dropdown when you're viewing a thread like this one) will search both this forum for open issues and the subforum for resolved issues. It's really quick to do, and it means the technical staff will have more time they can spend solving issues instead of moderating the forum.

    Bumping old threads is perfectly okay, especially if you have new information or questions about the issue. It's better to have fewer threads than more.

    If this is a novel issue, though, there are some things to keep in mind. In order for us to most effectively solve a reported problem, the person reporting them must include a certain minimum of content:
    • What you did
    • What you expected to happen
    • What actually happened (If the site gives you an error message, the exact message belongs here)

    For issues with the appearance of the page (buttons not working, fields not showing up, "an upload broke the UI") some additional things must be included:
    • A screenshot (if possible)
    • The exact version of your browser
    • Your OS
    • The URL that's causing the issue

    For issues with submitting content, include the content that you're trying to submit. You can upload it to a third-party service like dropbox or imgur.

    If you have additional information, that's always helpful. Really, the more information you can provide, the better. Technical staff like to solve well-defined problems, and can get cranky when it feels like information is being kept from them.

    Finally, the title of your thread should be a one-sentence summary of the issue. Following these guidelines generally results in a much quicker solution, which helps both you and your technical staff maintain their respective sanities. Failure to adhere to the spirit of these guidelines may well result in your thread being closed without action by staff.
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