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    I have watched three episodes of this so far and I like it very much. Mabel is so adorable.

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    this cartoon, lmao.

    my boyfriend and i just started watching together a few days ago and we've only seen two episodes, but we love it already. he likes mabel while i prefer dipper, haha. i'm trying to get other people into it.
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    so ep 7 double dipper was supposed to be out on ondemand on the 3rd and its finally out (may have been out earlier for some people??)

    has anyone seen this episode yet what did you think of it

    i thought it was pretty good the jokes were fantastic of course it doesnt take much for me to laugh but still

    i especially got a good laugh at the end when tyrone melted jesus christ that was great
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    Watched a few episodes. Funny stuff.

    I love the way they did the intro though. Great animation.

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    yeah the intro is really nice

    i wish the animation was always like that tbh but budgets and its a lot more difficult so im not really complaining
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotboychina View Post
    yeah the intro is really nice

    i wish the animation was always like that tbh but budgets and its a lot more difficult so im not really complaining
    as a whole the animation is done pretty well, the show I mean. I just particularly like the way the intro was done.

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    I've heard some of the later episodes are much better as well, I'll have to have a look sometime. I can't help but welcome the series since it's really been a while since Disney has ever really produced a new 2D series. At least ever since they started producing more of those teenage life comedy/dramas.

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    yeah they get way better later imo
    tho the first few are still good

    its on episode 8 now
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    I've gotten more into this show than I think someone my age should. That's a concern. So if we agree to pretend that I'm part of the intended demographic for a bit, I'd feel better about saying that this show is great.

    As a 10 year old kid, I think this show is great. The setting is pretty fun, the voice-actors are good, and it's genuinely funny. I can imagine some random 25 year old fuck who catches an episode would expect it to fall in the tendency of most kids' cartoons where the show sort of points to itself and says "here, now, this is the moment you're supposed to laugh," but Gravity Falls doesn't often do that. Jokes are left to exist or miss on their own, there is usually at least one moment per episode where I have to rewind and watch a part again because I laughed too hard to appreciate it just once. "Well that happened." "What is that, 'crombie?' That's not even a word. You're losing your mind." and "I love cavorting" are the most immediate examples I can think of.

    But even the characters aren't basic or binary. The zombie didn't have to be gnomes, and I think most 10 year olds (like me) would have been fine with the plot progressing that way, but the show didn't take a short-cut. Nor did the show have to show small moments of the main-characters getting along amid conflict, but it did, and it made the characters stronger. The show didn't have to make Dipper lie down in the chalk outline of a character who actually was confirmed to be dead later on in the show, but it did and wait um that's actually kind of fucked up.

    It's just well done, and well done in places that it didn't necessarily have to be. It seems like the people who did it actually had fun making it. No matter the marketable demographic, it's cool to see that kind of project's final product. And pretty much everything I've seen Kristin Schaal do has made me laugh. The only moments where I take a step back are when I see something that reminds me slightly of Family Guy, but that's confined mostly to one or two of the later episodes and those moments don't last long.

    Maybe this sounds like I'm trying too hard to defend my interest in the show, but as a 10 year old I don't have to defend shit, so get stuffed.

    Mabel is great.
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