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    Gravity Falls

    i think this is where this goes

    anyway theres some people that watch this right
    wanted to make a thread to discuss it

    episode 7 comes out on the 3rd and theres been a 2 week hiatus since the last episode dipper vs manliness

    whats your favorite episode so far? whos your favorite character? any theories on whats gonna happen

    personally my favorite episode was episode 5 the inconveniencing
    i loved the humor and the lisa frank reference
    also dipper is a straight up badass
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    Welp. Who didn't see this coming. ^.^

    Anyway, I'll be honest about the show. I don't see anything particularly new in the show. It's alright and all, and a couple of the jokes are funny, but other than the style it's in, and I like the style don't get me wrong, I just don't think it's anything amazing. Of course. That's my opinion, and shouldn't matter. Don't kill me.

    Basically, I don't see it as a bad show in any sense, but I don't think it's special either.

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    i understand

    i think one of the reasons people are so excited about it is because its a disney cartoon not only because its been forever and a half since they got a new one but they get bigger budgets advertising and merch which is more than you could say for cartoon networks cartoons
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    Been watching this lately. Not sure what my favorite episode is, but they've all been pretty good. Episode 1 was a little weak but it picked up after that. Defo excited for the new episode!

    Favorite characters are Dipper and Mabel. They're adorable and they play off each other real well.

    I was really surprised to learn it was a Disney Cartoon, I thought it was a Cartoon Network show.

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    I love the hell out of this show and I'm not exactly sure why, maybe it's just because I'm an animation nerd and just the SMOOTHNESS of everything and the really really great color palettes and everything just give me the biggest artboner

    Not to mention I really love all the characters and the writing is great.

    I have loved pretty much all of the episodes, but my favorite by far was I think episode... Four. The one with L'il Gideon (who is my favorite character). It was just... Really good and I really liked the fact that Thurop Van Orman and Stephen Root were guest-starring in it. I picked up on their voices immediately and was highly amused.

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    I've only seen one episode (the one with the lammy dance), but I really loved it! So I'll probably be watching more.
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    My favorite episode so far was definitely The Inconveniencing. What got me into the show was that entire Smile Dip thing.

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    I've loved what I've seen of it (caught three episodes in a stream one of my Tumblr bros did) but I was disappointed that the Slender Man screenshot from it that was going around was faked. Booooo.

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    I feel stupid for not seeing this thread, here you guys go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neybulot View Post
    I feel stupid for not seeing this thread, here you guys go.
    Aww yiss, GIFs~



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