Currently the gallery is arranged in a simple stack. When a user submits something, the new submission goes on top and older submissions are on the bottom of this stack. This works for some artists but not all of them. Some artists make comics which are supposed to be read in a specific order. If they are out of order in the stack, the artist must resubmit a big chunk of their work just to arrange the stack in the correct order for viewers to read.
But if they want their work to be read in chronological order, couldn't they just submit it in chronological order?
Yes they could do that, and I would say most do. However this would mean that their older work would have to be stagnant and unchanging. I write stuff, and many times I look at my old work and see errors and places I want to make revisions. For example, I make the corrections to chapter 2 and resubmit it. When that is done, however, the revision of chapter 2 is now at the top of the stack after chapter 6. How do I fix it? I will have to remove and resubmit chapters 3- 6. Deviant Art has an elegant system to fix this. Users can simple click and drag objects in their gallery to the place they want it. It's easy to use and helpful for the artist. Galleries aren't just sorted by older and newer. They are arranged however the artist sees fit even though older and newer is the default arrangement before the artist sorts them.
Why is it such a big deal if the stuff is out of order anyways? Viewers can open the submissions in new tabs then view them in the right order.
Yes they could, but that is an annoying task for the average user and makes the current "older/newer" buttons almost pointless. Which brings me to my next point. I've heard there are some issues with these buttons and how they take users to random art for some reason, but there is a more fundamental problem with them. They still confine viewers to seeing work in the order they were submitted rather than the order the artist wants them to be seen in. It would be best if these buttons were "next/previous" instead. If a user is reading a comic and clicks the next button, it would take the user to the next comic in that folder minimizing the time they have to spend to get to the next comic.
The folder system on weasyl is great for separating my different story series, but if I cannot arrange the stories in the proper order, this organization is incomplete. Being able to drag submissions in the user's gallery would be a big step forward in the easy user experience of the site.