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    Friend requests not counted correctly

    Once again, tested with Firefox 17.0 (Canonical-1.0 branch for Xubuntu 12.04)...

    Prerequisites: You have a friend request and one other notification of any type (in my case it was a Follower notification -- "{user} is now following you")

    1) Receive a friend request; go to to see it.
    2) Click on the user's name (e.g. for "RandomMustelid123 has sent you a friend request", click "RandomMustelid123")
    3) Click the "Friend" icon on their profile page.
    4) You accept the friend notification by adding them as a friend, but the notification counter is stubbornly jammed at '2'.
    5) You go back to your Notifications page thinking "maybe it didn't accept the request..." Nope, the request is gone, you're friends now (yay!) but the counter is still stuck at two.

    To get the counter to reset, you have to delete all your notifications... or wait a couple of minutes and refresh the page.

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    This is a merely cosmetic issue with a perfectly valid workaround (wait for the serverside cache to time out), so I don't feel the need to file a bug on this. Thanks for the report.



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