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    Being Logged Out After Closing Browser

    No matter which browser I use on my PC, I'm logged out as soon as I close the session. The same thing happens with (at least) Dolphin on my smartphone. The only exception is Chrome on my tablet, and that's most likely due to it being a Google browser on a Google system and, thus, always hanging out in the background.

    Prior to the last update, I would stay logged in for days on whatever browser I'd last used.
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    I have the same issue here, using Firefox.

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    It's happening to me too. That's really annoying. I like not having to log in continuously.

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    Confirmed here as well. Also using FireFox, Chrome and IE.

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    this was intentional behavior, but I certainly didn't expect it to actually affect people. cookie expiration has been set back at one year.



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