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    Collections and other de-duping solutions?

    Thank you Weasyl admins and coders for working on such a great community!

    I came to the forums to express my feature request, and it's a common one: The ability to suggest yourself as a Collector on a piece, or perhaps even to suggest other users that it does contain. I know the latter would help me a lot for my fursuit photo postings, since some of my pictured fursuits have usernames I don't know, or who are not yet members of the site. (Coincidentally, I ran across this problem exactly because I found a piece of my character on the front page within minutes of registering and searched futilely for a "request collection" button.)

    Then I started wondering whether Collections were the right way to solve the duplicate-image problem, which I do agree is worth solving.

    Collections would certainly solve the problem of saying "who is this character in this art/photo/story", which is something I've often wondered when browsing artists' galleries. Actually, that seems to be the problem it solves better, because that's the kind of data you'd expect the artist to have to approve. It may even suggest that it should be Characters added to submissions, not just Users, but that also increases the burden on the artist to approve the collection and then to approve any changes (e.g. character delete/upload) that the collector may make.

    When I saw the name Collections I was expecting something more akin to DeviantArt's Collections feature, which is a named sublist of favorites. In fact, I would have preferred that anyway, so I don't bother the artist by requesting they link to me. I also note that my FA favorites have devolved into a random aggregate of "fursuit photos of me", "commissioned pictures of my character", "pictures of my friends", "really impressive fursuits", "really impressive art", "useful tutorials" and so forth--it makes it very hard to find things I'm looking for. Regardless of what this is named, I don't think it would be a bad idea (and note its recurrence in the Common Suggestions thread where it seems to be often called Folders for Favorites).

    If I were to combat the duplicate images problem, I would do so by allowing users to upload images made for them (assuming they have permission) and check a box saying "This image was made by a different artist" (possibly providing a name, or link to that artist's website). Then I would use an image fingerprinting tool (like pHash, which creates a 72-byte fingerprint, or sha256 to detect exact duplicate files) to identify when two of the same work have been uploaded. That way commissioners know when they're wrongly uploading a duplicate, artists don't get warned for uploading their own work, artists not yet on Weasyl get credited for their work, and Weasyl stays mostly duplicate-free. (What happens to the commissioner's old image and its comments/favorites/tags after the original artist uploads their version? I don't know, but that's also a problem with the current policy when an artist uploads a piece that a commissioner already uploaded.)

    What do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfwithdances View Post
    The ability to suggest yourself as a Collector on a piece
    It would be nice to be able to ask for a collections request from an artist.

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    @BirdXcore Its been suggested : )
    theres also a lot of suggestions made here:

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    The ability to suggest yourself as a Collector on a piece

    +1. I was going to create this thread, and now realize it's here already, and a common request. Moving on!



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