I wanted to make a thread to discuss different shading theories, what people prefer, what people feel personally looks best. I watch a lot of artists, and draw (used to, in a rut right now lol) just a much.

What do you guys feel is the best way to shade?

I tend to intermix soft-shading and cell-shading. Usually cell-shading with soft edges, and sometimes I'll add soft-shading to the scene so people can get a better feel for the time of day or the surrounding area.

I tend to use warm shading for hair and skin, using de-saturated pinks or warm purples. and cooler shading for clothes such as de-saturated blues or cooler purples. I switch up this little rule for blacks and whites though, or colors close to those shades.

I used to use gray for shading but my art didn't seem to have any life, or the usual blue or cool colors for shading, and orange or warm colors for highlights, but it just didn't look right for certain things, such as skin, hair, clothes, etc.

Mind you this thread is mainly directed towards cartoony artists, or semi-realism, I know for realism you usually use like 10 different colors for shading.