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    Austin fur in need of a roommate!

    hey, I just got abandoned and I am in serious need of a roomie, I currently have a 1 bedroom apartment (at lakeline apartments) for $700/month but if I can get a roommate I will be able to upgrade to a 2 bedroom for like $850 (so $425/person + amenities)

    they need to be clean and nice. that's all I ask.

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    I don't quite think this is a good topic to post on any forum, not just Weasyl, and I'll tell you why I feel so.

    The Internet is huge and full of lots of different kinds of people. Some are a little more comforting than others, some are not very thoughtful or responsible people. Maybe there are great candidates for roommates for you out on the Web, but I'm sure there are also possible roommates that aren't ideal. The problem, then, is how do you know who will work out best? A person can say whatever they want through typing and it may not necessarily reflect who they really are. Choosing a roommate you met online could end up as a bad decision with worse consequences. Honestly, you just won't know if they are the kind of person you want and if they are who they say they are.

    I really think you should look more locally for a roommate. Post on some bulletin boards around town, maybe find a site specifically made for your town/area, talk to friends or family to look for someone, and I'm sure there are other ways- safe ways. Now, I have no control over your decision but I really do feel it would be more in your best interest to meet someone locally than post on Internet forums where you frankly have no idea who you're talking to.

    Disclaimer- I'm not saying that the members/viewers of the Weasyl forums are terrible people. I'm playing Devil's advocate and trying to be realistic about the uncertainty of who you're communicating this information to.

    I hope that your search is successful!

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    Adding onto this, what do we know about you?

    You have only 1 post and are completely new to the site in general, so why would anybody on here be willing to live with a total stranger?

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    This thread probably isn't a good idea in a forum full of strangers. Like what the others said, you're new, you don't know us and we don't know you. It's just not too wise of an idea. Plus this is sort of advertising, so I'm going to lock the thread.

    That said, I hope you do end up finding a roomie!



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