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    Suggestions on disabling thumbnails/viewing submissions, concern about collections


    1) Suggestion: would it be possible to have an option to view submission preview pages (browisng the front page, one's gallery, one's submission inbox, etc.) as miniaturized versions of the full image (like how FA currently operates,) rather than thumbnails? I find the former option allows me to get a sense of what I'm in for and whether I should click on it much more quickly and efficiently than the thumbnails do. I understand that many people out there prefer the thumbnails, so I also take issue with the fact that FA has to preview the full image, but personally, I like previewing the full image. Some sort of profile or site option to allow users to choose their preferred systems would be ideal, I think.

    2) Suggestion: I would like an option to start with the fullest and largest size when viewing a submission, like what FA currently has. I see that the common suggestions list already mentions an option to expand the image to its full size (possibly just by clicking on it) rather than having to go through the download link, but it would be easiest if it just started at its full size, so I wouldn't even have to do that. (Again, I understand that other users may feel differently about this, so making it optional would be ideal.)

    3) I am concerned about the implementation of collections. I do like the idea, and I think it is a neat feature, but I am afraid of the implications of possibly making it mandatory. I'm one of those "more of a commissioner than an artist" types, and I have no problem with accepting and using collections when artists on Weasyl offer them to me, but I don't like the thought of being forced into them. I certainly wouldn't appreciate having to go through the "well, as long as the artist isn't on Weasyl and they refuse my invite and even if they are they refuse to post that commission and I asked them and everything, then I guess it's okay to upload this" routine for every single commission I have. Honestly, I don't like having to rely on a collection exclusively even for submissions that do exist on Weasyl; mirroring it myself allows me some measure of control over my own description of who these characters are, "what happens if the artist deletes this image later" insurance, etc. Again, collections are neat! Just, ideally, I'd like to have a bunch of collections, and be able to mirror them as my own submissions, at the same time, just in case. If that's all right and that's something I'm allowed to do, then I have no problems and everyone should feel free to disregard everything I just said. I guess I'm just concerned enough to check; do we have to use them exclusively?

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    Collections: Are not mandatory. If a person doesnt want to use it, they do not have too. It is a feature to help prevent multiple uploads of the same picture. There have been suggestions to improve it so that once collected both the collector and the artist get notifications of comments etc. I doubt that will come out soon if they even decide to do that. But there are ways to make the collections feature better : ) But the admins have stated that it is not mandatory and people are -not- going to be penalized for not using them. So dont worry about it.

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    So long as no one uploads or uses the image to create a preview thumbnail they are a miniaturized version of the full view, I'm abit confused about suggestion #1
    Suggestion #2 has been suggested already and is in the mega thread of suggestions.
    And as Termin said they've let it be known a few times in different threads that they aren't and won't force using collections on commissioners. They just suggest it as a way for the artist to get proper credit as well as for you to have it in your gallery for anyone to view (though it takes you to the artists page).

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    Suggestion #1 is for an option to see others' submissions as miniaturized versions of the full views even when they do create a preview thumbnail--like, the ability to just turn off thumbnails, I guess.

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    I dunno, is FA like that? I haven't heard of any site allowing you to bypass the artists thumbnail preview for just a mini of the full image. If anything like on FA there should be a rule to show/warn of the subject matter. I dunno I just don't see the point of allowing custom thumbnails if users will just be able to shut them off especially if they have warnings to prevent certain folk from getting their panties in a bunch screaming "WELL YOU SHOULD PUT A WARNING!" or the subject matter has a trigger word they aren't fond of seeing drawn.

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    FA used to be like what Weasyl is now, where it displayed others' chosen thumbnails by default with no user-level option to change that. I actually got around it with a Greasemonkey script because I prefer just seeing minis of the full images, especially for extreme content. (I find the warning type thumnbails actually lead to more "I have now clicked on this image and I wish I hadn't" scenarios than just seeing a mini from the browsing/gallery/inbox/whatever page would have; I already know what I'm in for content-wise if I'm specifically searching for it, but there's no "WARNING: BADLY DRAWN" thumbnail standard or anything, which is the one thing that can unpleasantly surprise me with those pure text content keyword list thumbnails.) Anyway, FA then changed its design a little and ended up completely breaking thumbnails; people can set them and stuff, but browsing just shows the mini of the full version anyway. I didn't even notice, since I was using my script and that's how it always worked for me, but there was (and still is, if I'm not mistaken) a lot of complaining from people who actually appreciate having their warnings and such.

    This clear schism between my preferences and theirs (and I'm assuming I'm not the only one on my side if someone else bothered to write a Greasemonkey script for FA before their change) is why I think it should be an option on Weasyl. I don't think a lot of people are going to be stupid enough to specifically disable the warning thumbnails and then turn around and screech about how there aren't warning thumbnails, especially if they're on by default before you go to change it, and if the tag filters and such still work.

    Edit: Oh, having the script on back when FA's thumbnails still worked also made me completely immune to the "(THUMBNAIL) WARNING: SO MUCH PORN OH MY GOD --> (Actual image) Haha just kidding :3" April Fool's submissions that absolutely everyone on the site thought were funny at the time.
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    Ah ok, I understand better now. I've only been on FA for a year come Jan so the changes and things that happen aren't really noticeable to me. I'd like to add onto your suggestion (sort of) just so the thumbnail minis look clearer and not blurred as they do now, would be to enhance the quality, for some reason even when they fit the thumbnail size it looks low quality and blurred.

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    I am going to add to the thumbnails thing here. And elsewhere too likely.

    FA started out in the dark ages. Thumbnails were too small and artists could and often did put thumbnails that did not give an impression for the whole piece. Face shots of a smiling creature that gave no indication whatsoever that he was smiling as he stuffed a melting victim into one of his three eating-cocks while dropping a huge load of turd. FA made a huge effort to increase the size of thumbnails. It is still an effort to create a custom thumbnail locally on FA and send it up with the submission. And good sites allow custom-thumbnail overrides.

    Now Weasyl comes along with cool tech that completely kills the concept of decently-informative thumbnails. Crop a square section out of the image and you're good to go. So now the art pages are filled with no information about the images at all as the viewer stares at nearly two dozen images cropped down to faces. Even if the image crop is not selected by the user, the system forces a square crop from the center of the image, so information is lost either way.

    Not acceptable as is.

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    I agree with KitFox... The forced chopping is really starting to get on my nerves.. It doesn't work very well the way it is now.

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    yes im not realy keen on the way you have to make forced thumbnails either, i rather have the full images if there is no thumbnail uploaded or at least have the option to



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