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    Literary Submissions

    Please forgive me if this information is posted elsewhere, I couldn't find it in the help section or anywhere else. I just submitted my first literary piece to my gallery, and some of my punctuation disappeared during the upload. I just copy/pasted my story into notepad, saved that as a .txt and uploaded that file. Is there another way I should be uploading literary submissions to avoid disappearing punctuation or other formatting issues?

    I'd appreciate any help! =)

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    With quotations, you have to eliminate the fancier/"smart" quotes. I just use Replace to switch them with the simple character (don't forget to get both left and right sided ones, haha; I forgot that a few times).

    As for other punctuation, I've never noticed a problem, but it's probably a similar issue. IIRC, they're looking into fixing it.
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    Thank you for the info Thistle! I'll go back and edit my .txt file then. I noticed some other stuff missing like apostrophes on words like -they're- and such.

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    No problem! And yeah, apostrophes can be fixed the same way: replace the curvy, pretty ones with the plain text characters.
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    Thanks! I am also wondering if anyone has any advice on what writing program I can use that will automatically add those simple characters? I'm using Open Office, maybe there is setting in that. I just don't want to have to go back and edit all the punctuation. Sorry for the silly question, still new at this writing thing. ^^;

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    VictorDachs mentioned a trick for Word here. I haven't tried it in OpenOffice (which I also use) but it's possible it'll also work, given the two programs have a lot of similarities.

    I've personally just been using a private freeforum of mine, haha. I'll c&p from my original file into a topic draft and use preview to see how it looks; so far it's nailed all the fancier punctuation and lets me add the BBcode tags for italics, alignment, etc. without a lot of headaches.

    Other than that, good ol' Notepad does plain text. However, if you do Word Wrap, it can mess up the formatting of your paragraphs.
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    Brilliant, thanks! I'll give it a shot on my next short story. You've been such a help. =)

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    Happy to help :] It's great seeing interest in the Literature section here.
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    Eskiworks, if you would not mind sending an example of your writing that includes the characters that we are having issues displaying to this would help us to solve this issue on our end. Thank you for letting us know!

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    Sent that today Kihari, worry for the delay!



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