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    Oh the joys of programming. Of fiddling around with complicated words and symbols to create light and sound under ones direct control (And sometimes motion).
    The essence of magic, No?

    The ones I like to dabble in are:
    • LSL -- Not much yet but its an interesting state machine setup.
    • Blitz3D -- Lots of stuff from simple xOR pattern stuff to 3D platformers.
    • Atari Basic (Rev.c?) -- Didn't have access to it for too long but I made a kind of simulated stereo and tripy color junk.
    • PHP and basic web languages. -- Stuff for my own websites over time.
    • Javascript -- Not more than learning or editing existing scripts.
    • A little Java -- Had an AP course in high school.
    • C++ -- Most of my time is spent fumbling with the IDEs.. But i like it.
    • Unrealscript -- UDK is a playground.
    • AS3 -- I really have fun with this, second to Blitz3D to me.

    Lately I've been doing AS3 flash stuff and having a lot of fun. Other than that I'm best at Blitx3D. Its awesome for quickly prototyping just about anything. I also participate in the Ludum Dare compo and Jam but i admit i keep getting caught up on details and never seem to finish. Which is ok. Practice is practice and it IS only for 48 hours. The most complete one I have on there is a Jam entry. AS3, almost feature complete, missing like 5 levels data. --> Here (Controls: Space = Jump, Arrow keys, M = Fire dart)

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    I am weaning myself from OmniFocus to, and the one thing Asana lacks is a nice quick-entry input box that I can trigger no matter what I'm doing with my computer, which OmniFocus provided. Since Asana has a nice open API I'm working on my own implementation that will live in my Mac's menubar and work the same way

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    I remember back in high school I programmed a clone of 'Drugwars' on my TI-83 using their BASIC language

    Thems were the days

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    I'm starting to learn C++ as part of a computer programming course. Other than dabbling in MIT App Inventor (which is babby level stuff), and some Fortran, I'm a very green beginner.

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    Does it count if we make it using a game-engine like Unity or Unreal?

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    i doubt making flash games counts. which i have done

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    I program for a living, so I've done some stuff before. Currently, it's BlackBerry 10 apps for a certain large company, using Qt and C++, and a few lesser mobile apps and websites. I've also used other object-oriented languages before, but as someone who studied math, not being familiar with the syntax or language bothers me.

    I do some flash on the side, and am currently doing an RPG type game, but I'm doing it from scratch, and it feels different from what I do at work. But I'm sure it will be an interesting learning experience, so I don't mind.

    Did some Megazeux games at some time in the past. They're these nonsensical old DOS-looking games that people still make for fun.

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    I'm still learning, being in my first year of a Computer Science Degree. So far I've been learning Java, and a little bit of C#, and I've literally glanced at python. Hopefully I'll get onto making some nice useful stuff soon!

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    I've been meaning to get more deeply into learning Python and C++, I somehow manage to keep putting it off over stupid little things. xD

    I can pretty much understand syntaxes of Python and C++ very well and know what each bit does just about. ^_^ I also know quite a bit of Bourne Shell Scripting as well as Bash Shell.

    I wrote a little mini script for OSX ages ago to deal with getting the Trash to delete files properly when it wouldn't delete stuff, this was back when I was running under Snow Leopard 10.6.8, now running Lion 10.7.8, I was having a little issue with the Trash not deleting files, so I came up with a little script to deal with it by force deleting the .Trash folder and recreate it without having to type all the commands to do it. I'll have to admit, it's not the greatest I've made, but at least it works. ^_^; I've not really had to use it under Lion 10.7.8 cuz it seems like the issue had been fixed from the previous version.

    I named this script FoDEL, which is short for Force Delete. hehe… not very creative on the name xD

    Something other I decided to work on was to color netstat output… although it's not really a program, just a output modify by telling netstat what to color to make it easier to read netstat output. I find it rather useful because it makes it easier to read what you want to read. x3

    Not very much to show off my skills, I will have to pick up on Python and C++ like I said and learn something really cool that I can really share as a real program. :3

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    most recently (aside from hacking on weasyl), I worked on an IRC log bot that pushes logs out to an ElasticSearch backend. it's called elastirc and it's even posted on the Weasyl github organization.

    I hope to later have more Weasyl open-source projects too!



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