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    Oh yeah LSL! I've done some of that too. But not much. I made a script that makes things rotate... and a stupid clicky script for body part attachments... and that's about it i think. xP oh and a flight assist thingy but that was just adapted, i didn't make it from scratch.

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    I'm not a programmer, I suck at math, so I'm trying to use MMF2 to make a platformer. I have a base from a tutorial and now I'm trying to figure out how to add things I want like swimming. I think the only real code you do in MMF2 involves the math expressions you put into a calculator and since I'm so awful at math, I try to keep them as simple as possible.

    At least I have no interest in making an RPG. That's nothing but math.
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    I'm not a great programmer but I've written a few things in the last few years.

    PHP - Content switcher between Adult and General content
    PHP - Thunderbolt (An open source gallery script)
    VB2008 - Text Encrypter (My Very first program)
    VB2010 - Boom (Bomberman Clone)

    There's a one or two other items I've coded in the past which have been taken and made public without a mention of me, but I don't mind.

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    I'm currently in the introductory course for Computer Science, which is just a fancy way of saying Javascript class. I already hate the language. It's counter intuitive, and frustrating to work with. Not to mention the compiler required by the course isn't very well designed.

    I'm looking into different languages right now, mostly Perl and Python. The only program I'm working on at the moment is a fairly basic dice roller thing.

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    Made tons of crap over the years, in particular a ton of VB6-based rubbish in college (since the lessons tended to progress incredibly slowly).

    Excluding tons of random stuff...

    Javascript: Some silly RPG-esque thingy.
    Flash (AS2): Another RPG whatsit sorta thing, and an awful space-invaders thing.
    C++: Battleships with easy/hard AI (random vs patterned guesses), IRC bot.
    Java: Mandelbrot viewer, Conway's game of life
    VB6: Program to toggle all the "security" settings on Win98 (to access the display panel, etc), one to make the screen fuzzy and scroll (to screw with IT staff), another IRC bot (also checked CS 1.6 servers), asteroids, file encryption (dumb custom algorithm), missile command, mystify screensaver clone with more options, Neverwinter Nights exported character editor
    Python: converts a BMP to [table] bbcode

    Plus an endless array of half-finished projects. Haven't done much recently.

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    As it says in my profile, I'm a senior majoring on Computer Science, so of course I've written many programs. Most of them can be found on my Github account. I'm most proud of the Cheshire-Engine, which is a scoring engine written in Python and created for scoring Cyber Defense competitions. I love Python, but I also enjoy C# for when I feel like programming in a statically-typed language. I also have experience with C++ and Java, but Java feels gross to me right now. I have dabbled in Ruby as well, but I prefer explicit over implicit and so don't really see myself going further with it.

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    Once...many aeons was childish, simple, and exceedingly boring...yet I strangely loved it. I never got into programming because of my classmates. They were horrifically reclusive and I lost interest. no-one wants to go on a journey alone...

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    I make Python apps to solve my math homework xP

    I also make various Minecraft support utilities (mostly in Java) to make helping people on the Minecraft forums easier.

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    i just modded a basic keylogger into an official svchost.exe with signature and all, made it fit on a .rar autoextracting archive with just a .bat that adds the necessary registry values to get this as a new MS service / or to launch from an USB device like a camera.

    it's just as low as being a script kiddie but it scares me how easy it is to hide stuff in windows or any OS.

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    I don't do any "real" programming, only web-centric stuff like HTML, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, and so forth. I also work with Flash. Here's a little game that's not nearly done. I've got basic movement and interaction ready, but I'm at the point where I need to actually draw some characters to continue and I've been putting that off.

    If you move in front of the little arcade machine and press the space bar you can see some of my older stuff too.



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