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    I'm mostly web technologies and scripting languages. Though recently I did do two very large applications in VB.NET for a chemical company. (I wanted to use C# but bleh, they forced me to use VB). The first was a monitoring program and the second was a telephone messaging and routing system.

    My most recent endevour has been a comic-book web app for the iPad. I know JavaScript isn't stricting a programming langauge in that it is not compiled - but its programming syntax non-the-less. Already got a basic one up and running for MNTGaiden.

    View on an iPad if you want: else it redirects.

    I do stress basic (doesn't even rotate correctly - visit and view it in portrait mode - there's probably still a lot of bugs in it as well)

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    I'm primarily a C# developer, but have been getting into Android, Javascript and Python projects lately. (Including Weasyl)

    My big projects have been:

    FAExtender for Firefox and Chrome
    MyConbook for Android and Mobile Web

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    I write numerical simulations in Fortran 90. I drink a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aden View Post
    I remember back in high school I programmed a clone of 'Drugwars' on my TI-83 using their BASIC language

    Thems were the days
    Haha, that's awesome! My senior year I found a TI-83 and man, programming on it was a great way to pass the time. Everything from Pong to guessing games. That calculator also got me through the final exam, if it weren't for the programs I wrote beforehand, I don't know if I would have passed, haha.

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    I do :
    x86 assembly
    680x0 assembly
    Z80 assembly
    AVR assembly
    SuperH-x assembly
    C54xx assembly
    C55xx assembly

    I have made some games, and bunch of untils to make games, lot of control software for various hardware I have created and am creating, sound related programs and the list goes on.

    I mainly specialize in things that have under 10Mhz CPU speeds.

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    Not so much a program, but a script.
    I made a short script that opens and closes the cd tray every other minutes.
    It was a prank thing I made for the public school computers and if someone forgot to logout I'd put it in their desktop from my memory stick.
    You can find the instructions pretty easily online

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    He got the D
    When I was doing VB in Year 11 we had to be in a group of at least two, at most four make a fun game.
    My two classmates and I made a frogger clone called "Extreme Jaywalking".

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    I have started learning 2003 in school^^
    It kind of caught and since then I made a large amounts of codings in various places...
    However, I was warned, so I didn't study programming as I like that as a hobby. So, Physics was the obvious choice^^

    Of course I learned some other languages during my study-time as well...
    I guess that would be python, c++, c#.NET, LabView, some assemblers, LaTeX, Linux-shell, Windows-batch etc....
    On my own accord I learned proper HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, MySQL, PHP (->Ajax), htaccess, AHK, gimp-script-fu and a lot of smaller scripts.
    OK, CSS3, HTML and LaTeX aren't programming Languages^^ But still somehow avoided by non-code lovers^^

    For Programs... I never had a nice site that I felt comfortable uploading everything on... even my own Homepage-attempts were often just cut off by me having a nice idea for a program or something else to do (home)^^

    So, I guess the first was Calculadora & Trav-Kart for Travian (Browsergame) which still somehow work in 2003.
    Then during my last year of Gymnasium I made a math-program for the elementary school which synchronized with a network-intern database and adapted to the children's progress.
    Also a lot of nice little tools... a lot of webpages and VPN-clients... most bigger projects were on shop-systems like prestashop, so I don't think I can link you to one as an example here^^
    I also experimented with KI and neural networks by building a Monopoly with one NPC. I made him a little too strong, though^^
    There was also my B.Sc Physics Thesis which was based on making a program to read out a camera which was located at the end of an ion-beam (of course with an phosphorscreen) within a high vacuum. It also used some basic image-enhancement-algorithm and analyzed the picture...
    Later for a lecture a little program to emulate interaction of many-particly systems by using 4th-Runge-Kutta algorithm...
    Lately I mostly write userscripts, which are actually on^^

    I guess that's a good summarization about the first post's question from 2 years ago^^



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