Prices and examples image!

My commissions gallery!

Sorry, I can't do traditional media at this time. :( Everything I earn goes to food and bills.

$15 for pencil
$20 for inks
$30 for flat color
$50 for reference sheets

Extra for backgrounds and additional people.

I normally get images done in 1-4 days depending on how complicated they are. More complicated, more time. Sorry, just not as fast as others. It will be longer if there's a wait list. However, I will always post said list so people know.

Send me a note if you have any questions!

I reserve the right to say no to an idea. Am willing to do sexual images, and most fetishes, but flat out refuse to do anything Shota (AKA Child porn. If it looks like a kid, no.), or Vore. Often not even gore. Really don't want to touch that stuff.

Normally I ask a lot of questions, get as much detail as I can, and do a rough. This is so you can approve the pose and over all picture layout. I don't like people buying sight unseen. If the situation calls for I even offer pose options, letting you pick your favorite. The more detail you give the happier you will be. If you like the basic sketch payment is expected. Once paid I'll do those hours to days of work it'll take to get things done.