I'm looking for quotes for a song (or songs) for my goddaughter to dance to. She really loves dubstep, techno, and synth pop.

She is 3.

She loves dancing to music and right now she dances mostly to freezepop, depeche mode, and anything with a beat. I'd really like to get her on a more educational stream of music. I want to get quotes on a song or songs that last from 1-2 minutes with educational themes. Since she's 3 she's just learning her abcs, 123's, and basic addition and subtraction. Music about space, science, potty training, and relationship resolutions (eg: sharing, helping ect) are also good themes. You would have complete creative freedom as long as the music is educational, appropriate for her age, and fun to dance to. Please avoid mentioning TV characters or pop culture. We're trying to weed her away from TV (she's very addicted). I do ask to hear your rough draft so I can be sure it is something she will enjoy. I also ask that you give me a deadline when you expect to be finished. I would prefer to have this done for Christmas, but if you feel you can't make that timeline then please be realistic and honest about your expected completion time.

Payment is negotiable. I'm just looking for quotes for now since I don't get paid for 2 weeks.