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    New submissions by artist

    My apologies in advance for starting a forum similar to another one I already made, but this will present the suggestion in a more understandable and practical manner.

    Currently when you check new submission or journal alerts, the submissions are simply organized by
    the time and date in which they are submitted.I'll use paper copies as an analogy for new submissions of any kind and the alert system is the container in which they are temporarily stored. For simplicity of explaining we will only focus on a single watcher.
    The current alert system for the user is like one large box where a copy of all the new submissions
    are dumped. Many times a user wants to see the new submissions of just one or a few users (perhaps his very favorite artists and best friends). In order to do that, they need to dig through all the papers in their big box and find them. When an artist submits a bunch of art all at once the watcher's alert box becomes dominated by their work and other submissions are hidden in the clutter.
    Deviant Art has a different setup for the alert system.
    Instead of one huge box for all the submissions the user has a box for each of the artists they watch. Whenever an artist uploads something new, a copy of their submissions goes into the user's alert box specifically for that particular artist. When the user clears out all the new submission alerts from a particular box, the box disappears until the artists uploads something else.

    This system has a lot of benefits:
    • The user can find all the new submissions of a specific artist without sifting through all of their alerts
    • Whenever an artists uploads a lot of stuff at once only their box is filled freeing the user from the clutter it would normally create
    • Easy to see when an specific artist has uploaded something new by having their box displayed to the user
    • Clearing all submissions from a particular artist can be done easily by clearing their box without having to hunt down all their work
    • Alerts saved to be viewed later will no longer be buried by submissions from other artists
    • With a more manageable alert system, users can watch more artists without fear of clutter in their alerts
    • New submissions of a specific artist can be viewed in sequence and removed from alerts at the same time
    • Easy alert cleanup for users returning after an extended period of being offline
    • Ensures an artist's new work is easy to find

    This would be a huge step forward in the overall site organization for the user.
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