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    Advanced Blocking?

    I heard you could block someone from commenting on your pages, as well as block them from even seeing your submissions. Is that just standard under the "ignore" feature, or do I have to do something else on top of that?

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    Ignoring a user accomplishes two things:

    • You don't see references to them while browsing the site
    • They cannot comment on your content, follow or friend you, or send you private messages

    Both are done with the same feature without any special settings.

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    I guess I take issue with it being called an "ignore" feature, then. "Ignore" implies a more passive function, i.e. only hiding comments from view on your end and not actually impacting the ignored user in any way. I can think of several reasons why someone would want to only passively ignore and not actively block someone.
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    I agree with piņardilla, if it's a blocking feature, call it that.
    I also think it would be a good idea with a real Ignore feature... so that you passively can ignore certain peoples art on the front page, without having to block them entirely.

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    Agreeing with this, While it's nice to have the option to completely block someone, I'd also like a 'don't want to see their art on the main page, but don't want to deny them access to communication with me' type option too.

    An artist filter so to speak.



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