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    What makes you watch?

    I'm wondering what you look for when watching artists, is it their linework? the way they color? the compositions of the images they draw? Or perhaps the stories they tell, their characters or character designs? Or maybe they just compose some damn fine music.

    I myself tend to be more geared towards artists with a very simple, cute style, those with a speed-paint style, very rough but also very pleasing, or sometimes if I just really like their characters. I guess I'm actually all over the place with the people I watch, but I can also differentiate between all these artists because they have such varied, unique styles.

    So what about you guys/gals?

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    Either they draw things I like (especially when it's related to porn :V) or they are very detailed colorists. I also tend to watch people I'm friends with. I didn't used to, thinking it might be shallow, but now I don't actually see the harm in it.
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    If they have something different that catches my eye or if they make something I like.

    I'll also watch to see if they improve and such. So generally if I like looking at their art then I'll watch.

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    Either has to be cool or cute c:

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    Generally I'm motivated to watch someone if it shows that they care about or spend a lot of time on their craft. I'm not only interested in seeing good work; seeing artists evolve over time is pretty cool. I'll also watch if I'm interested in what's coming next (comics, art series, etc)

    cute/funny things are good too

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    A fairly consistent flow of style/subject that I like. Sometimes I watch out of curiosity to see if the artist is going to quickly progress.

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    I look for people to network with. Perhaps someone I might collaborate with or hire for a project. I don't actually look at submissions much anymore, mostly I look for people I plan on hiring or people who I'd like to stay in touch with.
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    Most of the people whom I watch are either artists who's content I enjoy, or people I'm friends with over the internet. I tend to watch on the basis of content, most of the time. I have certain aesthetic preferences when it comes to furry art, and so artists who do the things I like well usually get a watch. Still, even if I don't agree with everything an artist does I'll watch them if I feel their art has a great amount of quality to it.

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    Depends on the artist really.

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    Content, like 100%, but I guess that's still a very open thing.

    I really, really like to see artists that have more to the art than 'here's my character sitting here', I like to feel like there's story, a world, etc going on beyond just that static image. My background in comics really makes me prefer an artist that's telling stories over thinking more about drawing every single hair on a photorealistic image.

    But there's more than a few exceptions to this, I've followed artists for really lovely color usage, creature ink work, and so on, but that world building stuff is what will always catch my eye more.



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