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    Experience gained!

    The "Weasyl forums are open!" task ended somehow up in my quest log and I couldn't just ignore such a well established and narrated quest experience! Of course the bonus XP gain comes in with actually typing something useful here.

    So my name is Stormdragonblue. Or just Stormy by pretty much everybody. I'm an artist, starting out photographer who's favorite subject is the weather by far, and I like to game on occasions when I'm not doing any of those things.

    I ended up supporting Weasyl through the drive because more flavors to choose from is a good thing. And while I've tried a good share of art sites out there and (tried) to make my home there, most never clicked or just grew heavily out dated over time. The situation of "there because it has a big user base, not because I like the features" is far too common. I hope that Weasyl will keep going in not just the months but years to come. It's something I'm willing to invest in.

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    Weasyl's gonna be the very best, like no art site ever was.
    [insert more lyrics here]

    I'm too lazy to make the rest of the song, but welcome nonetheless :3



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