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    Animated Avatars - Question & Clarification

    Kay so this is something I recently found out about FA (recently as in early this year) that I never knew since I'm only about a year into being active there.. But I wanna know Weasyl's standing on this situation.

    FA wishes to appear as a "Safe For Work" environment, thus they banned "Bouncing, Jiggling, Swaying" icons. I can see the issue with some cases of these if the model in question is explicit in nature (nude with naughty bits), or if the subject that is being focused on is something that isn't General in nature. Now with that I must as would a furry in the nude with no naughty bits revealing be placed under the Mature +13 filter? If so maybe something like SoFurries "General" and "Adult" icon system can be implemented for accounts 18+. But if not would something like THIS be allowed?

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    If dA allows it I sure hope Weasyl would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wuvvums View Post
    If dA allows it I sure hope Weasyl would.
    I hope so, after finding out about the ruling on them on FA I found them popping up on DA
    I'd really like to use the avatar since I never gotten the chance to and there really isn't any other site I can think of to support the size aside from SoFurry.



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