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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammacha View Post
    I miss gathering a big group of friends to play Risk for a night.
    That was a lot of fun
    If you liked Risk you should check out Risk Legacy. Its the same basic rules as the normal game, but with the very interesting twist of decisions and the outcome of one game affecting all future games. Locations on the board get wipe out or polluted, cities are founded, and new cards are added or old ones removed. Its a really interesting concept and the first of its kind in modern board games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derin Darkpaw View Post
    For those who say they can't find anyone near them to play tabletop games with here is some advice. First a good place to look is a local comic book store. There tends to be a lot of overlap between people who enjoy comic books and people who like playing games. The second best place would be a college near by. Chances are the college has either an official or unofficial group of people that play some variety of table top games. Barring either of those if you are looking to play D&D, or other tabletop RPGs, there are a whole bunch of people willing to play over the internet. A quick search should bring up sites of people looking to play.
    I went to a local card shop to play, but the atmosphere there is...well, it's like a stranger hopping into a group of best friends and trying to seamlessly merge into the group's conversations. They don't seem interested in talking to anyone they don't know, so you either have to show up with multiple people or just enjoy a few sentence exchanges before they go talk to someone they know.

    Might have been just a bad shop, but I was going there weekly for a few months and I was always met with the same results
    -insert something sarcastic/moody here-



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