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    Me, I play 40k every Thursday, Sundays sometimes too. I am a commissioned painter for it and am also into warmachine. I play Imperial Guard, I've got a lot of guard stuff. Tanks and infantry pouring out of my cabinets. For guard I have about 10k worth of shit points wise.

    Warhammer Fantasy too.

    With Warmachine, I play Cygnar, have a 35 point trencher list and am working on a 50 point for them.

    Board game wise, I have a few different Risk games, Ticket to Ride and the Gears of War Board Game which is sick.

    Used to play D and D 3.5 A lot, but my group is on hiatus at the moment so I wont be playing for a while sadly...

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    Have any of you heard of Kingdom Death: Monster?

    My boyfriend has been really pumped about it and has been stalking the kickstarter since he found it, the concept of it seems cool he explained it as a table-top version of Monster Hunter. I'm mostly in it for the pin-up figurines. >:3

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    I play Yu-Gi-Oh! twice a week at my local hobby shop, well I mainly trade/sell for the time being but I'll be re-entering the dueling part from next year in the form of tournaments. And that's about it, really, as Yu-Gi-Oh! is my life (sorta) xD

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    Man, I miss my table top gaming group! I haven't played in over 6 months, and won't get a chance to play until July when I get back in the States. I mostly play table top roleplay games (most recently Eclipse Phase, which is an excellent sci fi game for anyone interested). I have a love/hate relationship with D&D(3.5) and I started with NWoD so I can't compare it to the old set... I like the new stuff though, especially Changeling and Geist >.>

    Beyond that, I also play Dystopian Wars, though only a few of my boats are painted. Shame on me. I need to get the flying gyro squid >.> I want to get into 40k but the massive cost makes me hesitant. Besides the fact that the only army I'm interested in are Nids. I just want them to play them, even if they are pretty meh. I also wouldn't run them as a hoard, which is apparently just asking for disaster *shrug*

    I've played a handful of really good indie games. Anyone ever played Microscope? That thing is incredibly fun and all you need once you know the rules are index cards and pencils. And players, of course XD

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    I play D&D 3.5 (wont even touch 4e), I've got several characters that I'll play from time to time, human bard, gnoll rogue, skulk ninja, ratling samurai, and a custom class that I'm building. Dabbled in Warhammer 40k a little bit and I'd love to get into it more but it's so expensive.

    I'm also big in MTG, my current Legacy deck is a take on an Eldrazi deck and I've got a Modern deck that's playing off of the Simic Evolve ability.

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    I love my tabletops. I play most Whitewolf games - World of Darkness, Vampire the Masquerade, Mage the Awakening, Changeling, Werewolf, etc. And of course, D&D, Ravenloft, and a smattering of other things. My group tends to do a full campaign and then switch to a new tabletop for variety. Currently, we're playing Pathfinder, and I'm an elf witch. :3

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    I like playing the Pokemon TCG, it's very simple and strait forward to follow, it's much more fun when you've got all the equipment for playing it like the Counters for Damage and Status Problems, and most importantly a flip coin. ^_^

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    Just started a game of D&D (Pathfinder) a few weeks ago, having never played it before. I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit!

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    Whoo, fellow Pathfinder player! What race and class?

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    I've played Pathfinder and I have the same problems with it that I do with 3.5. It's still fun to play though as long as I don't get hung up on the things I don't like about the system.



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