I hope that this garners any interest. I would really like to know if there are any other furs over here who are into the whole thing of constructing languages, for artistic reasons or otherwise. Maybe we can share some experiences on our passion for languages!

To introduce those unfamiliar with this topic to constructed languages, or conlangs for short: they are, as the name suggests, languages that are made artificially by a single person or a group of people (these people are conlangers). It is, in a sense, a kind of artform like painting or drawing is, but it is tied to the field of linguistics. Constructed languages have existed for a long time (take the Voynich Manuscript for example), and were created for different reasons: to strive after some ideal such as to create an auxilliary international language, the most well known one (and most successful) being Esperanto; to push the boundaries of our human conception of linguistics, i.e. I've read of a constructed language that was built entirely to break the rule that all languages have verbs; as a philosophic language, like Ithkuil which is specifically designed to express deeper levels of human cognition; or just for artistic purposes in the process of worldbuilding, like Klingon or Quenya.

You might be wondering now: "Why the hell would I want to do that?" which is an understandable question to ask. It might seem like it's frivolous, to create a language that usually has no utilitarian purpose. A similar question could be asked about what use poetry or literature is, or paintings, or music, mosaic, sculpture, drawing, architecture. I think you see where I am going. It's another way of artistic expression.

Also, language creation has benefits as well. Aside from being art, it's a way to introduce oneself to better understand linguistics, and to obtain a passion for the field. One who creates an ergative language would be far better at understanding natural languages like those as well.

Anyway. If you're a conlanger, and you want to discuss your passion, or you want to share some work, and give and/or receive tips from fellow conlangers, or you're jut new to the topic, but you would like to give a go at it yourself, then this is the place for you to go!

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