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    Being logged out way too often

    Greetings Weasyl forum users! I'm having a rather irritating issue over on the main site. I'm hoping I can get some help here or at least pointed in the right direction.

    Basically, over on the main site (same name there), each time I visit the site I must log-in, no big deal. However I am logged out almost immediately after I am logged into the site again. Anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds before I am logged out again even if I am in the middle of something such as personal settings or deleting new messages. It's pretty much impossible for me to use the site due to this. It's hard enough just to try to see what submissions I have before it logs me out again. So that's the big/main issue, I hope I didn't forget anything.

    Some information that may be relevant. My internet connection, without going into detail, is poor at best. I don't know if it could be a problem with my (netbook) computer as I haven't had the chance to try on another computer. However when I browse the site on my phone I don't have the same issue. I only have to log into the site each visit on my phone. Also, I don't appear to have any issues with the forum here as far as log-in goes. I have returned to the forum and I am still logged in from my previous visit. (I have not seen how my phone acts on the forums but I imagine it wouldn't make a difference, because the forum and the main site are separate to some degree if I'm not mistaken?)

    I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Any help would be appreciated! Anywhom, I must wrap this up now, thank you for reading!

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    We have pushed an update that may help alleviate this; if the problem continues, please bump this thread.

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    Excellent! Thank you! I havnt had any problems since this update. I will bump again if something happens. Thank you!



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