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    A couple tag system suggestions I believe are critical for launch

    The tag system here is fantastic, and I really want to see it used to its fullest. I think the majority of growing pains people notice coming here from inferior sites are due to them forgetting that there's actual metadata for everyone to use.

    One of the most critical things for the system to succeed is for it to be ergonomic. The easier it is for tags to be added, the more people will bother to add them.

    The current "one word" tag system is not very ergonomic at all. Having to write a special character (underscore) requires two awkward keystrokes and slows the process down significantly. This in turn encourages terse, less descriptive tags ("sonic" instead of "sonic_the_hedgehog"), and it makes them just plain ugly to read. There's no reason the site can't take care of this for you the way Tumblr does. On Tumblr, you can have space characters within a tag, and you can delimit the end of a tag by hitting comma or return. This speeds up typing immensely, and makes a person much more likely to throw a paragraph's worth of accurate tags on a post.

    The second thing I believe the tag system needs is some kind of semantic data. We need a system that disambiguates between tags which may or may not share meaning (does "crash" mean Crash Bandicoot? A fursona name? A vehicle accident?). This would probably require some kind of auto-suggest on the form field beyond just reminding you of previous entries, so that users know what the disambiguated tags actually look like. Ideally this would be supplemented by a database of synonyms built up over time, like e621 has. Users shouldn't need to type both "mlp" and "my little pony" when those tags are redundant with one another. Under the current system they have to tag every possible spelling, abbreviation, colloquialism etc. in order for users' searches and filters to function properly.

    This would all be super useful as well for if there were ever people that didn't want to look at furry art on this site (lul).

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    Dunno what the lul is for seeing as how the site is general art like Deviant Art, but I agree with this, I believe someone else touched bases on this before with auto-filling tags or at least suggesting more tags with the currently typed text in mind.

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    I like this idea, particularly when it comes to misspellings or affectionate nicknames for species. "Kamodo" and "chitah" come to mind.



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